Life guards vs blues and royals

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by eddiward, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. I'm currently waiting for my ACA interview, and trying to get as general an overview as possible of different regiments before I start booking fam visits, was wondering what the key differences between the life guards and blues and royals are (beyond the ceremonial uniform colours).

    Thanks all.
  2. Easy choice mate.
    Life Guards(Tins) are brave handsome dashing heroes.
    Blues(Dinks)are ugly tossers.
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  3. I thought that for your purposes they're Household Cavalry; not even sure you get to pick.
  4. When I had my interview with Commander Household Cavalry (Colonel Cowen), I was asked whether I saw myself going 'blue or red' (his words). Seems there is an option for opinion!
  5. Easy:

    If you are in trade and gay then it's the Life Guards for you

    Country gent type with a tweedy bird on your arm then you are a Blue and Lovely!
  6. I'm not sure if I would get much choice in the matter, but I'm interested in trying to get a fam visit with one or both of them, and was wondering if there are really any differences in function/ethos.
  7. Well, I am glad to see that you have done your homework. You should fit in well........
  8. In practical terms there is not a great difference at your stage. Both the HCR (recce regiment) and the HCMR (ceremonial mounted regiment) are each made up of 50% LG and 50% RHG/D (Blues & Royals). If you go along to a potential officer visit to either the HCR or HCMR, you'll meet officers wearing both cap badges and you can choose your preference based on that. Alternatively if you have a family connection to one side or other this may influence you.

    In all honesty, aside from the uniform colour, joining one side or other will have very little influence on your career. While at regimental duty, you will share a mess with and work cheek by jowl with officers of both blue and red.

    There is inevitably rivalry between the two halves and the Household Cavalry guys here will reflect that rivalry, but in reality there are many more similarities than differences.

    I understand that years ago the RHG/D where seen as more "fashionable", with the LG apparently attracting the "new money" into the mess. Having said that, it was a RHG/D officer who told me this and he was referring to how the regiments were back in the 80s (a bit before my time).
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    Next time you see Colonel Cowan just remind him that he was the most useless Chieftan commander that I ever had to suffer.
  10. I'm sure that will go down fantastically well; I'll make sure to drop it in.
  11. Try to avoid a life of bullshit and mucking out stables.... look around.
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    I believe he will be issued with a man to take care of that for him
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    Hmm on second thoughts you are right,still he can recognise one end of a horse from another 6 times out of 10.
  14. What are the characteristics of the two regiments' officers? Also are they both just chocka with Etonians of do other public schools hang around them?
  15. It's very simple:
    LG = insufferable try-hards with a penchant for polishing stuff
    RHG/D = Cool, debonaire, slightly scruffy, lady slayers
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