Life for sex attack on woman, 101

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. Sick sick sick.


    It's a pity that a daily compulsory shoeing from an elected member of the victims family could run concurrently with the seven years at least.
  2. 7 years is a shockin sentence

    scum of the earth... should be shot
  3. I'm chuffed he's been named and shamed. Another on my 'special list'. Crimes against old people and children are disgusting. He should jave got 20 years.
  4. The sentance is far too long. I would like to commute it to ten a locked room with me and a baseball bat. With six-inch nails, ala Escape From New York, driven through the top of the bat.
    I'll even give him a shot at early release; if the fcuker's still breathng after 10 minutes, I'll open the door and he can crawl away and die a free man.
    And people say I'm not compassionate...
  5. From the link:
    The scumbag had been convicted by this time. Wonder what the lawyer had to say by way of defence prior to that or if he pulled his punches in the interests of what passes for justice.

    A particulary nasty piece of work (Blackwood-not the lawyer).
  6. If that's the defending lawyer, I would hate to hear the prosecuting lawyer's take!
  7. If only it were Death rather than Life.

    Annual cost of his incarceration & legal niceties would be better spent on employing a nurse (or two).