Life Expriences & Quick Officer Question

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TemplarI, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. I applied for soldier last year but was medically deffered for a year for a knee Injury. Although that should be sorted as my doctor said nothing is wrong.. so I decided to go college and I am currently in progress of getting my AS - Levels (half an A - Level) although after I get my 180 UCAS points, I want to apply for Officer as a non graduate and hopefully get into the Parachute Regiment but I am starting to worry because I am hearing this "Life Exprience" subject alot and I pretty much have nothing besides Army Cadets, GENSB 2009 (National Tug of War) and thats it xD
    I have just come from Secondary School therefore don't know much about where to start to get Life Expriences..
    So I was wondering if some current officer could inlighten me of what they did when they was in my situation?

    Also a quick question, I know the requirments for Officer and I do currently have all of them except the UCAS points (obviously) and GCSE Science although I did fail Core Science, I did pass an optional AQA GCSE subject, which was called "Additional Science" which I passed with a C.
    Do you think they would accept my Additional Science?

    Thanks in advance for your help :]
    Liam :D
  2. Ignoring your shit grammar, crap spelling, use of smilies and appalling sentence structure, have you looked at volunteering? Time spent helping out a notable charity will look good on your CV. Any physical challenges you could take up? Take the 3 peaks challenge, for example. Alternatively why not become an an instructor in something like kayaking, or mountain climbing? All the skills you gained combined with the fitness benefits will stand you in good stead. Do your college do a trip to a 3rd world country, building a school or something along those lines?

    Get out and find things, there's plenty about, and it'll be worth it.
  3. I didn't think my grammar, spelling or sentence structure was that bad.
    Thank you for the information, I have looked into these suggestions and have found many useful links.
  4. That's more worrying.
  5. Well I guess I will have to shape up on my English. Thanks for the advice.
    Give me a break though, I failed English the first time and then got a B, the second time.
  6. If yer up for yer A levels you would be better orf joining Para reg as a Soldier
  7. Why do you say that?
    Surely if I have the requirments for Para Reg - Officer then I might as well give it a try. Other than trying for soldier which the requirments are counting to 10 (which means I've wasted 2 years in college).
  8. Don't be a twat mate.

    I've got 10 GCSEs, 2 A levels, a BTEC and assorted other meaningless quallies. And about 6 years of "life experience" out of the school/parents umbrella.

    Yet, I start as a Soldier tomorrow. Becuase I know that I'm not yet a leader of men. I've gained this knowledge through my life experience, and wouldn't as you say "give officer a go" and inflict myself on a platoon of men just cos I had the requisite quallies. I think it's about a lot more than that.

    There a plenty of SOLDIERS on here who can "count to ten" who will offer you all the advice you need, provided you show some humility and respect.
  9. And the winner for biggest cock this week goes to TemplarI. Go ask Sandy if he can count to 10, guessing he would be after sparking you out...
  10. Sorry no offence was intended. I just meant it by you don't need any qualification.
  11. Two very good friends of mine are 'just' soldiers. They both have Ph.D.s from very respected universities. All squaddies are thick, right?
  12. PBW

    PBW Swinger

    Bear in mind that at the moment the Officer route is highly competitive with the majority of applicants being graduates or older, with plenty of life experience and academic qualifications to boot. Not to say you won't make it - but at 18 with just college and cadets experience you are going to have to be the very best candidate to shine.
  13. Thank you for your views. I will have to improve my CV considerably. I thought the army was quite desperate for junior officers to be honest - I've seen dozens of officer recruitment adverts.
  14. From speaking with people who run this stuff, the problem is that the application rate is going up and up, but the average quality is going down. Westbury are passing just as many officers as before, but selecting from a larger pool - remember they select to a standard, not to a quota. What needs to happen is the quality of the applicants to increase.