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Life experience

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From what i've read on here so far im getting the idea that the army wants it officers to have a bit of life experience. Now im wondering, since i don't want to go to uni, when i finish college should i appply straight away or should i spend a year getting a job/traveling? Which of these would look better on a CV to the army? Im really sorry if this gets asked alot.
Sign on as a deckhand on a Norwegian prawn trawler...you won't regret it and it will show a pirit of adventure.
Ooops...spirit...I meant spirit. Pirit is not a Norwegian prawn trawling technical expression, sorry for that!
If you really don't want to go to University then join up right away. Don't mong about for a couple of years and then try to join - it won't look very impressive.

You can always get a degree during your service.

Of course I may be talking out of my ARRSE.


AOSB would have been more impressed if you'd noticed that there is a whole sticky thread devoted to this vexed issue.
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