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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ghosteh, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys, First post here :).

    Just over 12 months ago I was MDed, during phase1, due to a hip injury(long story shortened, apparently if the MO had an X-ray done I’d probably still be there according to my GP, it was a muscle problem, not a joint problem as thought or something.) Anyway, that was 12 months ago and now i'm eligible to reapply. I’m just wondering how important life experience in general is to making a good recruit. I've only just turned 21 and have recently moved to London with some mates who are in Uni(first time away from home except for basic training last year), and I have commitments for at least the next 6-8 odd months. I’m just wondering if you think it would be worth putting off my application for a while longer just to get more life experience to help me become a better soldier in the future. tbh I’m not enjoying civvy life a great deal and I really miss the army (all 8 weeks that I experienced lol), I’m just thinking that maybe another year of struggling though civvy life may help me in the future.

    Any Points of View would be greatly appreciated.


    p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  2. just join - you will gain your life experience in the middle east when your cowering at the bottom of your trench taking incoming...

  3. Eh ?

    Don't you mean kicking in doors and lifting people ?
  4. If you've been given the go ahead by the Doc then join back up ASAP,you said yourself that you miss it so i don't see the point in putting it off any longer ??? Stop Fannying around and get a grip of yourself and get down the career's office,because if you don't do it now you never will,oh and by the way the Army has all the Life Experience you can Handle...
  5. Stop dilly dallying and join up. If you miss it, you might as well, If you hate civvie street you might as well.

    If you don't jump on the wagon soon, it will have left. And something else meaningful about getting on horses that have thrown you.

    Get back in there.

    Civvies get "Life" Experience, Soldiers Experience Life.
  6. it might take 6-8motnhs to get in anyway like me so i would just start the application process as soon as possible
  7. Get off your box with those loser uni mates of yours. Hopefully you will OD and save yourself the embarrassment of being MD'd again.
  8. Are you Tim Nice-But-Dim? :?

    Jolly good bloke :!:
  9. Cheers for the feedback guys. Guess there’s a general agreement that there’s no point arsing around with civvy life then lol. As I said, there’s no way I can be re-enlisted for at least the next 6 months, but I guess I can get the ball rolling ASAP. Just need to get onto APC Glasgow seen as they didn't send me my full discharge papers apparently.

    Just wondering, will I get the same army number again, or will I get a new one?

    Cheers guys
  10. Get your ARRSE in gear and get the wheels turning to get back in!

    Don't be tempted to put it on the back-burner either, otherwise you'll never do it.

    Good luck.
  11. [/quote]Get off your box with those loser uni mates of yours.
  12. Are you honestly in University?

    Korean basket weaving course? no! i've got it, it's got to be Psychology!

    Am I right?
  13. Sorry, I joined at 16 and have no outside Army experience and I wouldn't recommend it.
    Wait until you have seen life a bit so that you know the Army is definitely what you want. I joined far too young, although if you're 21 you must either have seen a bit of life by now or been wrapped in cotton wool.
    In short - joining the Army was the best thing I've done but I'll always regret not waiting until I was a bit older and wiser before I joined.
  14. Well, I've got my application in Process at the moment now. Can't leave for basic training till end of September now when my current Employment contract ends. Im glad i've been out though, because i now know i want to make a full 22 year career out of the army. I hate working in Civvy Life, stuck behind a desk all day, driving me mad.

    I've seen a bit of life, Reason i'm a bit older is because i spent 3 years in college studying for A Levels etc, Went in the Army, Came out, had to wait 12 months minimum. Its been around 16 months now, but its been an eye opening 16 months thats for sure heh.