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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exmunkey, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Who out there thought they would have pegged it by now.

    Personally I spent minimal time in green but had plenty enough of guns in my face and been in enough sticky jobs that I didn't expect to reach retirement yet here I am.

    Who else out there never planned on getting old
  2. I joined IJLB at 16, Waterloo Company, 2 Platoon. I still have my first crow pic of us all in outraegously large berets and puttees at all angles. Over a third of them are now dead (and the last time I checked was 10 years ago) Others however, have gone on (Sandline, Aegis) and done very well for themselves.
  3. I've still got 6 lives left.
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  4. More to the question did you ever have a moment where you thought why am i even here or i'm going to die tomorrow. What i mean to say is have you ever gone in to context about it? Tits,Ass,Fanny etc.
  5. I've never been on a military operation, and I've never met a criminal with a firearm (that I now of), but I'm a little surprised that my genetic inheritance and formerly hedonistic lifestyle hasn't done more damage. When I was younger I wanted to go out like James Dean: at my peak and in a blaze of glory. Now that I'm well past my peak, I'm hoping to live long enough to enjoy a cardigan, pipe and slippers, in the pub on a Sunday, without people pointing and calling social services.
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  6. I must admit, there were times during the 70's and 80's when I thought that the third millenium might be cancelled.

  7. I think you might have used up a few more than that.

    Using up 1 is when a bus misses you by a couple of inches not having various parts of yourself spread across the local geography.
  8. More than you have limbs!
  9. All my mates have or are about to fall of their perches, the last reunion I went to felt like I'd entered an old peoples home Xmas party & the last time I visited my GP he said that I really should consider changing my lifestyle. FFS I thought, the old bastard is ten years younger than me, he's fat, bald and stinks of wet tweeds & he reckons I should change my lifestyle!

    I drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney & shag like a rabbit, I'm exactly the same weight & measurements I was forty years ago and am very rarely ill & this cnut wants me to change FFS.
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  10. ^. How old are you?
  11. Put it this way I won't see 60 again.
  12. I'm surprised I'm still here.
    I've come close to getting the good news a few times on ops (not always due to enemy action, sometimes just down to being too gobby!)
    And as a civvy, usually due to being pissed and thinking I own the road...
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  13. There does seem to be far too much focus on living forever as opposed to living well!
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  14. I like being the age I am...... mind you the way I drink thru the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s gave me pause for thought. I'm a good boy now... don't smoke, drink, or chase the wimmin.... 'coz they can run faster than moi.

    Nurse Olga and Matron keep me well disciplined by threatening to tie me face down on the bed, insert a garden hosepipe up the nether regions and give me a coffee, castor oil and prune juice enema to gave me a good clearing out.

    I am that age with Bus Pass in had when I use local buses.... trouble is they are full of old gals and Geezers who have been let out of 'Sunny Meadow Old Folks Home' to do their weekly shop for cans of Special Bru & Vodka.......

    I still heve a few years to go before I get a Free TV Licence...... Life is Ok for the time being......Ah well, time to go out for some 'Costa' coffee, cake and a gander through the newspaper..... Me on local bus.....

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  15. After a couple of heart attacks and heart surgery in the last 12 months, I'm not complaining. :)