Life coaching

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RAMC_Medic, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Surely in times like this, you would speak to friends?

    Errrrrrr wait.....

    So, someone watches far too much Start Trek TNG, 'if it's good enough for Picard, it's good enough for me.'

    What a bloody waste of money , and I bet the bill will be tasty too.

    Isn't that Carol woman a 'life coach' too?
  2. Nurse... their out of bed again

    pressure my arrse, ask John Prescott what pressure's he was under during his stay at the ranch. Surely their are far more worthy people in need of this witch craft, for example servicemen on ops, Police officers, NHS workers etc.

    Several million dollars? How much CBA would that buy?

    You mean Carol Caplin, Cheries best friend. Hang on...
  3. If they can't hack it then they can always leave.
  4. I hope one of them just tells the dozy bint to get her fcuking act together, do her job and stop whining. If it is that bad, she can pay for it herself rather than helping herself to the cash from my pocket. God this Government makes me sick.
  5. The price quoted in the Times is £250 per hour. I believe this is about double the going rate for a private session with a consultant psychiatrist. But hey - why worry - it's not their money - it's ours.

    Do you think they have to pay tax on this? If your employer provided a life coach for you it would be taxed as a perk. I expect Gordon signs a tax immunity certificate for his cabinet chums - just like he does for Tony's RAF holiday flights and Prescott's grace and favour housing.

    Meantime, I noticed that my local mental hospital has just closed its O.T. department. People diagnosed with serious mental illness are now given a list of self help books that can be borrowed from the library. Presumably this includes ex-services with PTSD who will now be on their own with a bottle of Prozac and a free library card.
  6. Whilst I had not heard of 'life coaching' before this article appeared, I am not surprised this government is paying through the nose, with our money, for such services.

    It is just the latest in a long line of well publicised 'snouts in the trough' stories the media have published. What is more surprising, (not to mention dissapointing) is the electorates tolerance of it in the first place.

    This is even more depressing, given that one of the reasons this government was voted in was their 'whiter than white', anti-sleaze policy. And they say you can't fool all of the people all of the time? This government have been doing a pretty good job demolishing that saying"
  7. Anther one of them "You couldn't make it up" stories..........

    It really does beggar belief, wtf are we coming to, I can just see churchill, Harold Wilson, even Maggie, using these shysters.........not

    Why can't these crettins just get on a run the country, how fcuking difficult can it be :?

    Judging by their efforts so far, pretty difficult, fcuking to%ers

    In the words of some one famous,

    "The desire to be a politician should preclude that person from ever being one!"
  8. ha ha I was offered Life Coaching at an old job, basically I did a shiite year with them, loads of commuting and working a way from home when it wasn't in the job spec, crap money and at the end they decided not to give bonuses they promised. So I said sod it gave my notice and decided to strike out with my own company.

    Had a meeting with one of the Directors who claimed I really didn't want to leave and I was just "unfocused" and recommended a Life Coach, idiot. I wasn't "unfocused" I just didn't want to work for his shitty company any more
  9. I trust Murdoch's cronies will now be making FOI applications to get at the actual figures involved, rather than guessing.
  10. Had one of these oxygen thieves call me up when I advertised for a lodger a few years ago. Granted I'm in Southern California, but this bint took the biscuit.

    Needless to say she didn't get any further than the 4 minute+ message she left on my machine, detailing her life story, requirements, idiosyncracies and all her movements for the upcoming week (which was done in the same manner in which 99% of Dorii tell jokes- i.e. all over the bloody shop). She neglected however, to include her phone number. Never in all my born days have I met someone more disorganised and hopeless- and I teach college students. Fcuk knows how she manages other peoples' lives.

    The message was actually so entertaining I kept it for a while to play to friends. It was hilarious!
  11. Why oh why is the UK run by so many foolish people? Do they not look at themselves in the mirror in the morning and think 'I'm in a privilaged position, I can make peoples' lives better'? Or do they think 'What fcuk ups can I accomplish to really p1ss every one off'?

    Just another nail in the coffin of reason why I can't possibly live in this stupid toilet forever. I'll leave it to the imigrants.
  12. Dennis Leary is all the "Life Coach" any man needs.

  13. Amen.

    See also Al Murray's "Snapout of it!" diatribe on the "And glass of wine for the lady" DVD.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    This isnt life coaching! They dont do anything positive, they are just getting paid to listen to someone winge.

    This is life coaching.