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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gillyjk, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Currently at Harrogate and I don't have long until cap badge parade so the option to change cap badge is vast becoming slim. As you may have noticed from previous threads I'm currently rifles but after a few mounts training, I'm thinking of changing. But I feel if I go rac I will be making a mistake. My question is at the moment my reason for wanting to change is that going to the ranges, on exercise ect I'm just not enjoying but like my corporals keep telling me, train hard fight easy. Is battalion life more chilled out? Is exercise more enjoyable compared to the ones recruits under take?

    But the important one, what will my average day at battalion be?
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  2. Are you for real?
  3. How chilled out life will be depends on your immediate CoC and whether you're prepping for a tour or overseas exercise.
  4. From memory - life is a little more relaxed and the training is rightly harder. If you have just joined and dont like ranges and exercise then remove yourself from the Combat Arms fields and try for cooking; but in the RAF.
  5. You don't enjoy going on exercise or the ranges? FFS. That's the best bits.

    You now appear to realise that you are about to become an Infanteer, and your key role is to engage with, and kill the enemy. Your average day at Bn. should be spent honing that particular skill. (By going on exercise and visiting the ranges.)

    RAC go on exercise, and they visit the ranges as well.

    Not sure if you have chosen the correct career path to be honest.
  6. What you mean is that you fell for the line that all infantrymen are gods amongst men, who spend their days drinking goodly ale and fighting off nubile wenches, and then suddenly realised in Week 2 that it's mostly being cold, wet and fucked. A career as an RAF Steward awaits! Do it now. You know you want to.
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  7. Transfer to the Royal Signals - they still go on exercise and the ranges but you get told what to do by ******* who only think they're in the infantry not the real thing.
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  8. Mmm. Depot REME.
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  9. Even RAF cooks have to go to the range everyday...
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  10. So in short you dont like being in the army?

    Simple answer to that then isn't there?
  11. That also applies to the Gunners and Sappers.

    My advice? Every time I think of my Infantry service, I touch myself...
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  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's true, I tells you. I started in the 70s and I'm still fighting them off (though I do brew my own ale, just to save a few coppers, like).
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  13. I suggest a transfer to the Women's Auxiliary Balloon Corps could be the answer son.
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  14. The choice is all yours...........

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