Life as an officer in the Int Corps.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by PM-88, May 16, 2007.

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  1. I have recently recieved a letter from the Int Corps asking me to consider a role as an officer. This was slightly suprising considering that I never considered to join them (I didn't even write to them but they still found me!) I was wondering what life is like as an officer in the Int Corps? I take it is not much like that of the infantry or artillery (where I was thinking of joining)...but it would be nice to hear some pros and cons about it.

    Thanks for any replies,

  2. From what I have heard, anyone liking the following combination of bands/artists need not apply:

  3. haha...I didn't realise that they take into account your tastes in music (by the way, where did u get the info from? - not that I mind, just curious!)

    Thanks fraser anyway for your not so helpful input :p
  4. I think G2LB might tell you Queen are the greatest band in the world.............
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Actually, I rather like Tenacious D, and Springsteen certainly had his moments. Liking any of the others would certainly be a bar to commissioning in the Intelligence Corps though.
  6. I think that proves fraser's point :D
  7. Do you really think I am going to compromise my source.
  8. Peter, in no way should you take this disrespectfully - it is not meant in that way!! However I would not be to surprised by your offer. It is fairly common knowledge that Officer retention levels/officers prematurely resigning in the Intelligence Corps are high - this should be the first thing you should be aware of in view of your original question. The Corps are clearly trying to address this and a proactive recruitment process could be something that is happening and you have found yourself in perhaps ?? - I don't know but someone might. That said don't let this detract from the fact that you may have some qualities that have been spotted !!!!
  9. yeah, I probably was caught up in some recruitment drive

    ...just a bit suprised thats all...thanks anyway

  10. Don't worry the Dalton Bks old-boys letter offering you reduced rates at a certain holiday appartment complex in the Chamonix, follows shortly.

    Do you ski??

    After 6 years you will automatically recieve a job offer from a global risk and security consultancy close to a rail and omnibus interchange.

    You will enjoy after work drinks in an authentic Saarf London boozer close to Borough Market, but after two years they will be looking for someone more current than you.

    At the 8 year point you move to banking, where you meet Alice and settle in St Ockwell. The rest as they say is history.....

    Next contestant please !
  11. That is a sardonic retort. :wink:
  12. Forsake this foolish ambition!

    Until you can train winning racehorses, breed and train gundogs, fly falcons at grouse, run a c0ckfigting main and accurately imitate all the regional accents of the land you propose to penetrate for int, it is all as vapid as a myth, like dawn mist by a riverbank.

    Observe the example of Capt. Robert Nairac GC, who died 30 years ago, age 29. He did all of the above.
  13. With a degree in media studies, a BMI close to 30 and sporting prowess that ranges from Grand Theft Auto, to Splinter Cell, I don't see the O/Cdts of today having the vaguest concept of such enterprise.

    With a Chain of Command tied to RIPA 2000 + Health and Safety at work, he would not be able to get into the Three Steps wearing the bulky EOD suit, nor hear the singing for the drone of the AH64 Flight and borrowed AC130 providing top-cover.

    No room for the Dolomite in the Car Park, because of the 9 Armoured GMC Suburbans with tinted windows and multiple ECM suites.

    Four of these vehicles carried his close protection team, the other five the MoD Lawyers, Press Officers, CIVSEC, to monitor expenditure on incidentals, the political advisor...........and their staff.

    ( after 2 hours on target, the plan now includes the arrival of portable toilets and a catering van)

    RIP to a brave scholar, I'm afraid we will never see his like again save for back-copies of the Victor*.

    *Whatever that was?
  14. I've still got that copy if you would like to borrow it SandFly :D

    fecking sand flies...had enough of them in Belize!!!