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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Kernowmedic, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Tried this post on the main board but no one seems to give a s**T! Ex RE Capt, thinking of applying for cadetship, going into second year med school in sept. ANY advice good or bad? Life in the corp, opportunities, things that piss you lot off, would like to know. Thanks.....
  2. Well you'll do all your training in the NHS, same as you are doing now, with copious tours in the sandy sh'itholes as an RMO with a unit or in the field hospital. As a Doctor, you'll be well looked after unlike some of us mere mortals (cynical, yes I know :roll: ).
  3. Sorry my friend, I am not a Doctor, not even a medic.

    Having joined the forces in the early eighties, I learnt how to take bruffen, (Oh and get told to rod off).

    Case in point, I went on an adventure training exercise in the early eighties, my right kneecap ended up at a right angle to my leg.

    It was a little painful to say the least. It was re-positioned and I was given some tubegrip and bruffen and told I would be ok for the BFT the next morning.

    I passed the test, but strangely enough end up with water on the knee.

    Again I was given Bruffen.

    I have to say however, that in the last ten years I have seen a marked improvement in the clinical care and understanding of military doctors. I think that this is mainly because they have been 'infiltrated' by young thrusting civilian clinicians, as opposed to old crusty 'Colonel Blimp' has been's.

    The only fall back is that younger, civilianised doctors can at times let lazy, unethical gits, almost get away with murder. (Anyone reading this post, will know what I mean).
  4. Why,on earth,would an ex Sapper captain,want to retrain as a medic?I assume that you already have a first degree in some engineering related subject? However good luck to you.You could,of course,join a TA medic unit,while you complete your medical studies,for a taste of what might be to come.

  5. A sweeping assumption.
  6. You should try the Forums at : DMS Doctors and Army GP's. Both closed fora but you can apply to join if you're military and med student.
  7. Remain a civvie and become a Vet!
  8. Go dentist!! they are really well looked after KERCHING