life as an EWO?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by little_guns, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. i am starting my phase one in a couple of weeks, and just tryiog to comfirm to my self i have made the right job choice.

    can anyone tell me what it is like being an electronic warfare operator, what i can expect to be doing after training, where i may be based, what directions i can take my career in, ie do you serve on attactments or owt?

    what i can do with the skills learning in this role when i leave the army? etc

    any info about this role would be much appreciated,

  2. Not sure about other postings/ attachments, but I'm under the impression most EW Ops end up at 14 Sigs.

    Aside from sweeping the garages and PT 'til your eyes bleed, expect to be deploying to Iraq/Afghan within the first year of your posting, depending on which Sqn you're in.

    Don't worry about it for now though, concentrate on getting through Phase One for now. It's easy enough, as long as you keep your mouth closed, chin up, and have a sense of humour!
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if people who actually knew about these things answered the question, and those who didn't, or spent their lives under various impressions, just kept quiet?
  4. Little guns, you are unlikely to find out any more than you know already about EW Systems Op on this site. You are also unlikely to find out much during Phase 1, unless you have an EW Sys Op as part of your training staff. Be prepared to be slagged of and laughed at by people who THINK they know all about it, but who in reality know jack. Good luck fella.
  6. cheers to the guys who helped with constructive replies, i guess i will have to wait til i am there.
  7. Alright Little Guns,

    First id like to start off by saying good luck with phase 1 and as already stated, you'll get some stick from people in phase one but they dont know what they are going on about.
    After completly p1, you'll be sent off to Blandford in dorset where you will do a standard operators course with all those others who have chosen either EW or to be an operator. Here you'll learn all sorts, some day boring, some days very fun indeed, just keep your head down, work hard, play hard and get through the course, then after a filter course and a few tests you'll shoot off to Chicksands and do the main bulk of your EW training.

    Ive prob just repeated pretty much what you'll be told if you ask anyone at phase one or in the careers office but to be honest its what you do.

    You get plenty more info when you get to blandford on the EW side of things.
  8. Just my POV here, this is not gospel.

    Did you have Tech as one of your choices?

    EWO is a good choice if you want promotion. Tech is a better choice if you want a good trade that is transferable to civvy street when you leave service.

    Wether EW is a good choice for you depends upon what you want.
  9. EW presents plenty of opportinities when they leave, Ive not seen any in the alleys selling big issue thats for sure.
  10. Can you name 5 (opportunities) that are directly linked to EW knowledge?

    Not being in alleys is as likely to be down to the qualities already possesed to become an EW op as opposed to the qualities gained by EW training and experience.

    I am not having a "pop" against EW trade here BTW. I have worked with loads and on the whole I think that they are inteligent and capable.

    Serious question:- All other things being equal: Which trade, Tech or EW is more transferable to civvy life?

    Almost all Tech training is transferable to a trade that is none-service. Do you think that aplies equaly to EW, or my (bolded) claim is false?
  11. Your challenging his choice of trade on the prospects outside the Army and then get an arrse on when highlighted he will be fine with his choice of EW Sys Op.

    He is about to go through phase 1, we shouldnt pull the rug from under his feet putting doubt into his mind.

  12. Aint the EW course at blandford 40 odd weeks long?!

    **** THAT !!!!
  13. The current EW Cse at Blandford is NOT 40 weeks long, Shane_dean.

    About 5 weeks at B/Ford and then 25 (ish) weeks at Chicksands.
  14. my mistake fella

    not an EW myself so i aint a clue!! blandford isnt the sort of camp i could spend alot of time on, i am not a fan of the place espeically when i was a phase 2!
  15. To be an EW its the 27 week CS course, 5 Week Filter and assessment then 20/22 weeks at Chicksands, then back to blandford to finish off driver training, gaurd and other such duties.