Life as an army doctor?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mastram, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. How is the life of an army doctor?
    Do they participate in active operations or sit behind in tents?
    Do they fire their personl weapons ever? my uncle in indian army said that
    their SLRs were near always locked up.....duh!!!.....then what's the need for 6 weeks training ?
    And is it true that M.O. is near next level in soldier affiars after the CO?
  2. This post has gotta be a whah!
  3. Mastram, you cannot be a doctor... doctors have some intelligence and from your post you are obviously lacking in that department. If I may make a suggestion, instead of wasting your time with your useless posts on this site, you can fish in my toilet to fill the gap between your ears.
  4. 'In my day' if you reported sick you generally wound up on jankers for skiving. Feck knows what the MO did all day, as I never got to see him.
  5. Mountain boy, you don't know anything about India do ya ? I'm not being sarcastic, but from where I come, we have Garhwal Rifles,and by jove those guys are real mountain boys. But as I see your knowledge is limited to a toilet somewhere in the mountains, what are ya, a janitor ? How about moving yourself from the chair and monitor and start running in the mountains, maybe it'll reduce your love-handles
  6. Which only proves that you were skiving. You're alive now aren't you? Breathing? I hope the current crop of MOs take note.

    Good thing I left years ago...
  7. Makes the MO look like a skiver himself :D
  8. i will bite then: the MO deploys but stays behind in a tent - the MO is useful as **** on tour, but now that we have hired civvie doctors to work in the hospital, chances are high that you will only be doing something along the lines of head medic. you will never fire your rifle, unless you get to hold it with live rounds and then chances are good that you will ND.

    the MO is pretty buckshee and i would love to do it. obviously you will have some places where you will be busy though.
  9. Ive not heard such absolute bollox for ages, Venty, first class to the Hole? Ill pay the postage.
  10. Thanks will look into it
  11. I myself cannot speak highly enough of doctor and medics on the front line doing battlefield treatment, a matter of life and death, i have seen it first hand, and been on the receiving end, anyone who has been at the sharp end would pay them in gold bullion, fantastic blokes, never under estimated them, your life may be in their hands,