Life as an Armourer in the REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by Point & Shoot, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I've posted before and asked a few questions about becoming an Armourer. Now I have a few more:

    I read this thread:

    I'm sure it's not as heartbreaking as this guy makes out but I'd like to hear from current / former Armourers what it's like.

    Also, if I did a few years in the REME and wanted a change, like joining the infantry, how hard would it be to transfer? Would I have to do the training with new recruits or other transfers? Also I'm presuming that you keep your rank that you may have earned in the REME?

  2. Also, do Armourers get lots of chances to travel / be deployed abroad?
  3. Wotcha!
    I think what you've got to ask yourself is,do I want to be an armourer or an infanteer?
    I wouldnt be that impressed if you tipped up in my Wksp/LAD with the attitude; " Hi I'm your class three armourer-if I don't like it though I'm going to transfer to the Infantry."
    Your Junior/Senior infantry course (Brecon) gets you promoted in the infantry (alongside JCLM/SCLM). Your trade proficiency(alongside JCLM/SCLM) gets you promoted in the REME.
    As for what Smellywelly said: Whilst the working emphasis differs, A Cpl is a Cpl no matter what cap badge.If you want to spend more than "2 weeks a year doing the good stuff," like controlling a section in a firefight stop REMFing at a ******* REME Battalion and deploy with a decent unit. To keep kit in the hands of the unit, good Armourers (and other tradesmen) tend to be at the front to fix kit it as it breaks-in FOB's or on Patrol. Soldier first, tradesman second, and all that.
  4. You could always join as an armourer and then do the commando course
  5. Exactly. Or P coy. Or just opt to work at first line Armd inf/Mech inf. Or do Brecon/get a track licence and crew/command an AFV. The opportunities are good and the REME are recruiting armourers.
    Nyle, that thread about armourers on your original post was written by a complete fanny. The last armourer I worked with closely pulled his driver out of an upturned Warrior in a river in Basra. He DEFINATLY didnt do 2 weeks of good stuff a year and his Inf Coy loved him. I think he got a MiD too.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've read on here that when Armourers get deployed they're usually stuck on a base with nothing to do all day.. The reasons that I'd choose to be an Armourer are the qualifications that you'd gain for civvy life, and also the higher pay but that doesn't matter to me too much. And when I mentioned transferring, I didn't mean turning up as an Armourer, with a bad attitude and wanting to transfer after 12 months, I meant after I'd completed my 4 year contract. Also could I train as an Armourer and get sent to wherever they send me for a while, then do P. Coy. when I'm ready? If I did P. Coy would I always be serving with the Airbourne? Thanks.
  7. If as an Armourer you find yourself with nothing to do, get yourself out with the Platoons/Sections and do what they are doing. The lads will appreciate it.
  8. Theres always plenty to do, helping out the VMs...crewing the Fodens etc or as said get out with the unit your with and have a play with their kit....nothing better than having ago with all their equipment.

    Regarding transferring from April 2010 all new entrants sign a JOB OFFER letter that states that you are extremely unlikely to be able to change jobs once in....this is to stop the wastage of money having to train someone up to do another job.

    Reference Airbourne units when I was in 16 BDE there was lots of my lads who went onto do P COY after the first year and a bit in unit.....some of the lads had been around the Brigade cross postings from 8CS to all the other REME WKSPs/LADS but theres only so many slots available and its no way definate so you may find your posted away then try and get back after a few years................saying that the good thing about being in the REME is being able to move around and see how other Regiments/Arms work and play
  9. I've been reading up on VMs as well as Armourers. Both jobs seem quite good to me. Any reasons to choose one over the other? Apart from preferring one trade over the other of course.
  10. Besides VM A Mechs being like GODS, Both VM B's and Armourers both make good brew bitch*s..............all are good and as said in the past had good armourers on my 434 and 513 Warrior Repair vehicle who muck in and get the job done.
  11. IMO only go Armourer if you're really into Bang sticks etc. Nothing you've posted says that though.

    Armourer's are God's chosen keepers of the Porn stash, all the rest of REME aspire to become Armourers. ;-)
  12. Remember; The "B" in VM B Mech stands for Better Mech....
    Starter motor gone? Pack out etc..
  13. Yeah I am very interested in all kinds of weapons. I like the idea of having your driving licence paid for if you choose to become a VM, wouldn't let that sway my decision on joining though.. I think I'd probably prefer to be an Armourer if I had the chance and met the grade, but like I say, VM looks good too so that would probably be my second choice.
  14. Fair enough.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. They're both good trades.
  15. Nyle,
    In 3yrs at an armd inf bn as an armr I gained C+E, track license, warrior commanders ticket (inc chaingun)
    Spent lots of time with my company, in short, its a good job