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Discussion in 'REME' started by Swampy06, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. hey guys awaiting medical forms to come back have been doing civvy street vehicle tech now for more then 6/7 years - going in for REME vm and i would like to become VM- A mech
    seems it would be a bit different from the normal volkswagens and audis i work on - just want to know a bit about the course after phase 1 and then where are people based and how things work like how do u get ur regiment given to you > as i no alot of infantry from kent go to PWRR is that who they will post me to aswell just didnt quite no how it works,

    other questions are do we need our own tools?
    is their any books or work programs or dvds i could get to start learning the tanks and vehicles of the army now?
    if you are good at what you do can u then go for AACC or Pcompany courses ?
    and how long does it roughly take for promotion from craftsman to Lcprl

    any other info would be nice to know aswell!!

    Thanks guys
  2. Mate you be attached to anyone. Really up to you. No you don't need our own tools.
  3. So I get to choose who I get attached to ?
  4. You may get options laid in front of you but if there is a man shortage with a specific unit you may not have a choice in the matter.
  5. You can get posted anywhere, you get a preference, but don't expect it to be acted upon. If they can they will, if not stick a pin in a map, somewhere around Tidworth.

    Urm, I wouldnt bother trying to learn anything prior, you have vehicle mechanic knowledge anyway.

    There is no A-Mechs anymore.

    If your good at your job and a good lad expect promotion to Lcpl within the first 4 years.
  6. I always asked to be posted to Hong Kong or Cyprus.
    Never happened.
    Spent 9 years in Germany instead, liked it, but would still have liked the others better.
  7. Kool kool I have no real preference to where I am or who with but just herd that pwrr is alot of south east , ok thanks 4 years is not to sad I suppose , is their alot of physical training like their is in phase 1 ? , cheers for answers guys
  8. Nice Germany is closing down soon tho right ? Soo is it just general mechanic now ? And u learn both armoured vehicles and normal? Also do you get to go on your much like to afghan etc ?
  9. Just waltz into the office and TELL them where you want to go....... always works, well for others it seemed to, me Fally three ******* times
  10. Lol , need to pass it all first pal ;) got a long way to go yet but now vm is on most wanted list so hopefully be quicker
  11. No its not.

    General Fitter in the RE is.
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  12. Looking in the army website and my local recruiter has said vm is ?
  13. Oh :/ I see , on my job list it was in bold nd the recruiter said that it's because they were needed ? , Well still Okies my other job briefs are infantry and REME armorer,
  14. VM is ok if you don't mind working when everyone else is pissing it up, or leaving for r&r skiing in the rockies whilst you are stuck on the tank park trying to hand over etc etc.
  15. Thanks for the info A_R, I will inform Recruiting group so we can update your info.