Life as a married Guard (Gren)

Hi everyone,
Yes another new member on the forum about to ask a million and one questions about Army life so sorry in advance! I have done as much research as possible via this forum, the Army website and Google however there are a couple questions that I am still on the hunt for.

Firstly I will tell you why I have decided on Guardsman. Maybe you will have another suggestion for me. I enjoy being outside and I'm used to this as I am in construction, I am very fit and take fitness pretty seriously and spend any free time I get away from work and family playing sport. I Box, play Cricket and play Football. I have chosen the Guards as I love the the ceremonial stuff and also want a combat role. I had toyed with the idea of becoming a rock ape and joining the Queens Colour Brigade but after being told how pointless and boring life in the Regiment I decided against this! I'd like to eventually do P Company and join the Guards Para. Also I am married and have a toddler So I think for myself the Guards is the right role.

Now on to the questions!
1. When will i be able to move into married quarters? I understand that I will spend the first 30 weeks of training in Catterick and will not be able to but when I get posted to Nijmegen and then onto Aldershot will I be able to?

2. What are the married quarters like at both of these barracks?

3. When I am based at Nijmegen what is day to day life like? Will I get much opportunity to play sport and go on exercise or is it day in day out guard duty and drill?

Sorry for such a long winded post but thought it was best to give as much info as possible

Thanks in advance

Gout Man

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Have you tried asking at the recruitment office?
They will probably be more up to date than on here.
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