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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bakes0310, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Since last january ive been training to get fit to join the Coldstream Guards. My dad was in it (4 years) and a friend up our road whos a captain (still serving) along with a mate i got in work who was in it for nearly 8 years. They all praise it for the high quality training and all the rest of it, and of course there not giving me any illusions on it being easy.
    But since my training ( so just over a year) ive had about 4-5 different ppl tell me not to join the guards for various reasons. Two of which came from Coldstreamers, so i cant really doubt there words as being just hersay.

    So anyone whos in the guards or has first hand knowledge on what they do and are really about, just tell me how it is.
    I know down to my stubberness and keen interest in the guards im gonna go for it anyway. But its just a bit dishearting to hear that and makes me think about non-guard regiments. But then i think to my "look at life course with the coldstream guards" and think hell yes im going for it.

    Sorry for the long read but its something important to me, and i think with these questions answered, it will get rid of any doubts in my mind.


    PS can only real guardsman answer, so no grenadiers please....only kidding you all do such a fab job, i even got your dvd sitting on my shelf :)
  2. Looking at joining the coldstream guards myself, about half way through the application process, i have an insight date booked for this saturday.

    i will be interested to see some of the replies myself

    I have heard the guards regiments are about 50 years behind the rest of the armed forces in terms of modernisation.
  3. Joining the coldstreamers....i suppose someone has to do it.

    You will get alot of people saying the Guards are shit, all you'll do is stag on, not real soldiers etc etc.

    Of course thats all bollocks. Just look at the work done by the Grenadiers, Coldstreamers and Jocks in Afghanistan and the Irish in Iraq.

    You will do ceremonial stuff at some point, and you will stag on, and there'll be plenty of times when you're fucked off and sat in a trench full of water or a ditch in the green zone thinking "This is shit!" but you'll get that in any job in the army.

    As for the dig at Grenadiers, your lot are just jelous becuase their motto is second to one
  4. Crow bags right. The Guards get a slagging for all the bullshit but it's more to do with the setting and maintenance of very high standards. The bullshit you put up with on public duties carries you through in every other facet of the job. Everything the Guards do is done to the highest possible standards and that is no bullshit.

    If you are set on joning the infantry you could not pick a better place than the Household Division. You don't want to join any old chippy mob.
    Just a pity you want to let youtrself down at the last minute andjoin the cold cream tarts. Join the Grenadiers. You know it makes sense.
  5. Why anyone wants to join the Sheepsha, i mean coldstreamers is beyond me, they usually get our rejects, so its strange to me people joining them out of choice.
  6. Ok so the man is into sheep and has a skoda :? with a sunroof (skip on wheels)
    gren i see you like the birds and are into turkeys
    but if the man joins the family he won't go wrong
  7. If you work hard and play by the rules you will have a great time in the Coldstream Guards.

    It's a great family to join....... and one you will never leave. The 1st Battalion are in the process of returning to Windsor from Afghanistan as we speak. It's not all Ceremonial and Drill.

  8. Baaahhhhhhhh :p

    But on a serious note, The household division is the best choice for anyone wanting into the infantry.
    The bullshiote and drill is a minor side of the life, only when your based in the uk do you have the hassle or joy depending what your like, of the ceremonial side.
    Personally i loved that side of things, almost as much as the real soldiering, and more often than not, you will be on tour or exercise anyway.

    History, honour and the fact you will be able to say "im in the Guards" is something the others can only dream of.

    Even if it is only the coldtreamers :wink:
  9. And, when you go on external courses you can piss the chippies off with regimental customs, it's very immature but i just like chippy baiting
  10. A Guardsman's life is terribly hard.... said Alice.
  11. Cheers for all the quick replys, its settled my mind and im 100% gonna go for the guards :)

    And to all you greandiers, im gonna have some fun with you guys :twisted:
  12. Cheers for all the quick replys, its settled my mind and im 100% gonna go for the guards :)

    And to all you greandiers, im gonna have some fun with you guys :twisted:
  13. Good for you fella. Any of the Guards Regiments will see you right (I'm ex Scots). To this day I never regretted joining that Regiment.

    Set me for a civilised life and saved me from becoming an East End Scrote, like a lot of the fellas I went to School with.

    You will not regret it.

    Good Luck Sheepshagger! (Sorry, I had to do it, old habits never go away......)
  14. As Jacob said, you are joining a Family, Septum Juncta in Uno, Welcome you sheep shagger (only joking)
  15. As the poster said many years back .You are twice the man in the Guards
    but life in any regiment these days, is not all rose ,so i hope you have a good life in the family
    The Inkerman