Life and Times of BB/Doris

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. 1] Anya was out walking by the river when she spotted BB on the opposite shore. She called out.." Hey BB, how do I get to the other side?.". BB looked at her.." Dumb B*tch,, you are on the other side."

    2] BB took her car in for repairs.. After the mechanic was finished with it she asked. " What was wrong with it? And how do I keep it from happening again? " The mechanic replied.. " Just crap in the carburator.." " How often do I have to do that? "

    3] BB was out driving and got stopped by the police. " May I see your Licence and Registration, Please, ma'am " said the cop. BB looked at the policeman with anger. " I wish you guys would make up your minds. Yesterday a copper took my licence away.. now, today, you want me to have it to show you."

    4] BB was walking down the streetone day when her friend, Anya , a fortune teller ran up to her.." There you are!!.. I was polishing my crystal ball this morning and I saw something aweful.. Your boyfirend MDN will be horribly killed in a hit and run accident!! We have to do something!"
    BB replied. " That is terrible!. Did you see if I was acquitted? "