life and realist operational role of a sapper officer (vs that of Artillery)

Good day,
after much searching and scanning through the various posts splayed throughout ARRSE, surrounding my interests in the two above roles, I have decided to take the plunge and actually post something.

what I would like to know is the true role of an sapper and gunner officer? what do they do on operations? how much real 'engineering' is required of a sapper officer? will I be hindered without a civil engineering background, or is this quite common? what is the role of the officers in an engineer recce troop?

do young officers in the artillery venture out on patrols, or is this role reserved for the those of the rank of captain and above? what scope is there for officers in long range recce units like 4/73 battery?

Such things interest me as I have decided that these two areas of the British Army offer both mental challenges, as well as physical through the option to do the AACC, P-Coy or STA patrols course.

Personally I much prefer the sapper route, the problem solving aspects of the job appeal to me, and morally I prefer the idea of constructing things that aid the army and the local communities, over blowing things/people up with heavy artillery fire. However (as you can probably tell) I am interested in the recce elements of the artillery, and have been told that there is no better job in the army then that of the a Arty observations officers, so how much of this kind of thing can be found in the royal engineers? or am I more likely to find myself on some dusty construction site directing the building of a toilet block?

That is about it for my lengthy questioning. Any replies would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance.

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