Life and death on the M*A*S*H shift -Guardian 16 April

After all the complaints we've been seeing about the lack of positive British press coverage of Ops, I think this makes a bit of a change...

Life and death on the MASH shift

Declan Walsh in Helmand, Afghanistan
Monday April 16, 2007
The Guardian

Captain Nick Walker, an army doctor, and three other medics were nearing the end of their 24-hour shift in Afghanistan's Helmand province early last Friday morning. It had been moderately busy. The night before, the team - this war's mobile equivalent of Korea's M*A*S*H - rescued two US soldiers injured when their vehicle hit a landmine near Sangin, the remote narco-hub that Nato snatched from the Taliban two weeks ago. Afterwards they watched a Hollywood movie. But 50 minutes before they were due to knock off, the red phone on their desk rang. Three British casualties, the voice reported, one of them "T1" - in imminent danger...
My condolences to Pte Gray's family. Well done to all involved. Sterling performances everyone.
Good work by everyone involved.

In Arduis Fidelis.
The three sevice's medical personel consistantly rise to the challenges and are always at the forefront.

I am proud of them and have always been thankfull for there service skills and compassion.


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Thanks for heading this up...nice to see The Guardian giving some space to the hard working lads and lasses in DMS.

Rest in Peace Pte Gray and sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Le Chevre


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Another example of the truly EXCELLENT work undertaken by our forces in difficult circumstances. My condolences to the family of Pte Gray.
RIP Pte Gray

I had the opportunity to meet Col Hodgetts in '05 a very decent and committed officer in my opinion.

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