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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by no1cares, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Looking for a new career path after the forces, August 2007ish......these are some of my ideas:

    Landscape Gardening

    Anyone have any experience in these fields?
  2. I had a pipe burst a couple of years ago, at Chrimbo as well! bloody awful experience!
  3. Getting a trade is a good bet im a stab vm but in civvy street im an electrician long hours but good money and plenty of work pm me or email if you want more accurate advice on courses ect
  4. Thanks, was just after experiences and opinions. Electrician isn't really on my 'wish list'
  5. Apparently there is a massive shortage of plumber in civ div, well worth looking into.

    Infact I believe there is a shortage of just about every building trade at the moment, brickies, joiners, plasterers etc.
  6. There is an article on the wall in the Aldershot resettlement centre that says that there is a glut of plumbers in the UK at the moment and that those currently in training will find it hard to find employment.
  7. This is just one of the many urbant myths that circulate in resettlement circles. There perhaps was once a shortage, but like MCSE engineers, locksmiths, NEBOSH and NEBSM suppliers this is now no longer the case. There are a few websites that dispel these myths. I have found one that relates to plumbing in Scotland, but I daresay a more determined search will find one that applies to England and Wales.
  8. As I understand it a lot of the vacancies in the majority of areas have been filled by the migrant workforce and this has driven down the rates of pay.

    Investigate what jobs, careers and areas of expertise are generally required in the area you intend to settle. You can do this by going to the job centre plus website and searching for jobs within a given radius. Then target your re-settlement carefully.

    Good Luck.
  9. Anything in Health & Safety, the work is easy and the money is excellent!
  10. I heard of a friend of mine in London where his son was a chartered accountant and went to train as a plumber as the money was better, that was in 2003. good luck
  11. Landscape Gardeners can earn big money and plenty of scope for oversea's work in OZ and NZ. Get in with a local garden centre and you are sorted.
  12. Make sure it's something you enjoy doing.
  13. As said above make sure you are doing something you enjoy!!
    Carpentry and plumbing are good trades which also hold good money if you're any good!!
    a good chippy can easily earn £30k a year or more if your good at what you do!!

    alternativly the NHS are always searching for cleaners, health care assistants and porters!! if all else fails that is!
  14. August edition of Quest has an agency advertising for plumbers and chippies, good wage too. Might be worth giving them a call and discussing what quals and experience they want you to have. Helps to target courses for re-settlement.
  15. I think i'm going to run a pub. (didn't get the idea from tripods thread...honest)