Life after the army for an OPMI

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by PotentialOPMI, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Life after the army for an OPMI

    Hi all, This is my first post. I have searched and this seems like the most relevant place to start this thread.

    Basically, I am going to my local AFCO on Saturday and I'm keen on finding out more about OPMI jobs and the Royal Engineers.. RE jobs in civvy street seem easy to find but what does an OPMI do in civvy st? does anyone know someone whose left after serving as an OPMI? if so what are they doing now?

    any information would be appreciate as I want to make the right decision.

    P.s I started this thread elsewhere but didnt get any replys
  2. Always glad to be of assistance*, Actor and Voice Over artist is always a popular path to fame and fortune.

    *( assuming you are not another fabricated identity by an existing poster)
  3. WALT alert.

  4. I've just left the INT CORPS after over 30 years service in the Army and I got 2 jobs straight away - I'm a 'greeter' in a major supermarket chain Mon-Fri and I mop up in McDonalds at the weekend - its tremendous. You won't get that level of preparation for civvy street from the sappers so off you go to them walter.
  5. PotentialOPMI.

    First of all, ignore this idiot. Unfortunately he is a fact of life around here that still hasn't become extinct.

    Second, wait until you have actually joined the Army and served a few years, done a tour or two and have the experience and perspective to know were you want to go and what you want to do afterwards. There are several areas of employment that ex-Int Corps tend to end up in and if you do decide to join us then you will find out more. Private Military Companies are the most often quoted example, but there are lots of companies back here in the UK, especially in London, that ex-Int Corps apply to.
  6. Many if not most ex-services personnel do something totally unrelated to their army jobs on re-entering civilian life. What will make you attractive to civvie employers is the general experience and abilities you will have picked up in the army. Can't help thinking that choosing your corps/regiment/trade on the basis of what you can do with it when you leave is a bit like buying a house or car on the basis of its resale value.
  7. Thanks for this. Trying not too look to far ahead an just concentrate on getting accepted first. Had the "I want to join the army" conversation with my girlfriend today lol. Going back to my local AFCO this week to start my application. I'd like to think that If I am accepted after a few years work towards an Open University course in IT/IT security. I just hope I'm not too far off the mark thinking like this..

    Thanks for the prompt yet sometimes sarcastic replies
  8. Would that be in the service of shredding the PPPs, then sorting out who goes where? ;)
  9. PPPs were the only thing that kept me sane - I spent hours laughing at "I would like to serve in Valencia as I intend to settle in France when I leave the army", and "I must be posted to Edinburgh as my wife was born there, I have a house there and I want my children to be educated there. My mother-in-law is terminally ill and she needs my wife as her carer in her final days. Second choice: Cyprus)".
    After I'd finished laughing, the people that had sent me boxes of After 8s got what they wanted and the rest went to Bulford as I was on commission from CO 4.
  10. dammit, I knew I should have upgraded from Quality Street!! lol
  11. You wont have time for an Open University degree, pretty much all Juniors are on 18 months between tours at the moment, some even less...........................DOH! Yeah I know OU degrees are spare time, ignore me
  12. The Edinburgh one actually sounds a half reasonable request. The other 2 are barking though.
  13. Every PPP I ever put in seemed to land me at either 14 Sigs or NI. I wonder how that happened. The one time I didn't put one in, I got what felt like a punishment posting as a language instructor at Lobo.
  14. think the point was - woe is me, I have to be as near to Edinburgh as possible - mother dying etc. 2nd choice - Cyprus :)
  15. Maybe the soldier thought that if he/she asked for somewhere in Scotland, then APC would have one of their highly amusing moments and post the individual as far away as possible.

    Anyone asked for north England, and received Germany before?