Life after Basic

Hi all,

I am due to start traing in catterick in january and i am very excited! I feel i have done an awful lot of research and am pretty well prepared for it. Mentally and physically.(much to the help of this site)

One thing that i cannot seem to get any info about is life after basic? I'm moving from ireland and am hoping to join the royal irish regiment. So all going well i will be moving to Tern Hill. I was hoping someone could shed some light as to what life is like once i start there ie. do you live in the barracks or do you rent outside and drive there every day etc...

If i can get this info somewhere else on this site i'll be glad for any direction but i cannot seem to find it.

Thank you
the first week after basic will be amazing as you get used to having a life again, your room that you are given in the barrack block will seem like a mansion compared to that on basic, and you will find your self wondering if it is all to good to be true. work wise it is very much like a 8-5 job in the sence you get up at a more godly hour, have a shower/shave and get dressed in your own time, go to the mess for brekkie and then potter of for morning parade. you do your siht, have smoko, do more shit, have lunch and then knock off (usally) at 5. then time is yours do do whatever (porviding you havent been a naughty squaddy and are on charge/flagpole. the best thing about barrack life, is that you have your room to do what you will in, and if you ever get boared, all you have to do is poke your head into the corrodor and see what the boys are up to, then 9 times out of ten, you go to the baggies and get proper leatherd up!! but dont get to star struck with your new found freedom when to get to your bn, or you will bought down to earth very sharply. keep your head down, your mouth shut and your ears open. pick a bloke who is well liked and a hard worker in the bn/rgt, and do as he does. dont try to hard to make mates first up as it will all happen in due course, remember, you have to prove yourself before you start getting to the inner circle. but when you do, i think you will find that the life of a squaddy in barracks if full of good times, fun and mischif (remember, the crime is getting caught!) but as i said, work hard and dont be a toff and youll be sweet as! all this however is from a new zealand army point of view, however i would imagine there is little difference when it actually comes down to it. also, combat corps have the most fun!!!! :lol: :wink:

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