Lieutenant-General Peter Walls - RIP


It is with great sadness to learn of the death of General Peter Walls, late Black Watch, formerly 'C' Squadron [Rhodesia] SAS commander in Malaya and latterly commander of ComOps, as well as head of the Rhodesian Army.

Many here will have their own memories of this great but humble general and wish to pass on their condolences to his friends & family.

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I am sure that there will be obituaries, though perhaps written with a perspective
that will not be in context to recognise his achievements in the times that were.

British General Walter Walker described Walls in The Bear at the Back Door as a:
“ ...real professional, a true and inspiring leader, a man of decision and action who radiates confidence. ”

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A class act - from the DT, when General Walls was head of ComOps:
For a time, Rhodesian special forces attempted to take and hold key areas of Mozambique to halt the unceasing flow of guerrillas into Rhodesia. Walls, typically, once parachuted into an area of northern Mozambique at Christmas with a consignment of roast turkey for his men. The turkey helped to bolster the troops morale – as did the fact that the general landed in a large deep puddle and emerged covered in mud.

Guardian Obit
RiP but I thought you meant Gen Sir Peter Wall for a second..................
What a sad loss of a remarkable soldier. He did everything his country asked of him and more in defending Rhodesia against terrorist incursions of the 1970s. He was particularly bitter and quite rightly so, by the treatment he received by the United Kingdom government in the transition to independence in 1980. In order to secure his cooperation during OP AGILA in which the Rhodesian Army would provide force protection to the Ceasefire Monitoring force and if necessary extract them if the operation went wrong, He was given a personal assurance by Mrs Thatcher that as head of the Army he would have direct access to her. When Lord Soames made it clear that he would disqualify any candidate engaged in intimidation in the run-up to the election, he chose to ignore the widespread intimidation by ZANU (PF) simply to wash his hands of the country. When the General wished to brief Mrs Thatcher on the true situation on the ground and exercise his right to see the Prime Minister, Thatcher reneged on her promise and refused to see him.' Rest in Peace General,you have earned a proud place in the history of your country.
An interesting report from

Rhodesian army commander Lt Gen Peter Walls dies
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 18:35 Editor

JOHANNESBURG — Former Rhodesian army commander General Peter Walls has died in exile South Africa at the age of 83, Associated Press has reported.

Group spokesman Bill Wiggill said Wednesday that Lt. Gen. Peter Walls died Tuesday in South Africa.

Gen Peter Walls

A veteran of British military campaigns in colonial-era Somalia and Malaysia, Walls commanded the army of Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was known before independence in 1980. Mugabe retained him to help integrate the guerrilla armies.

But Mugabe later accused Walls of plotting to kill him in a botched 1980 attempt. In a documented account of their conversation, Walls said if it had been his plot, Mugabe would have died. Walls went into exile in South Africa soon afterward.

Lt. Gen Walls publicly praised Joshua Nkomo's military wing ZIPRA forces whom he described as "a fighting machine and properly trained army".

He had been qouted by the media saying: "If I can have a ground force like ZIPRA forces and then I have the South African [apartheid] Airforce, I would walk from Cape to Cairo unchallenged"

When Dumiso Dabengwa the former ZIPRA intelligence supremo was asked about his views on Gen Walls, he said: "Walls was a soldier".

ZIPRA were Nkomo's Matabele fighters who were game on to engage at times.
The only occasion I had of a contact with terrs skirmishing towards us were from ZIPRA.
Mugabe's ZANLA Shona [the dirt eaters] were cowardly in comparison.