Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle, who has died aged 88, spent the last 18 months of the Second World War as a prisoner-of-war in Germany, when he and his fellow inmates of Marlag-O, a PoW camp for naval officers in northern Germany, built a man-sized dummy called “Albert RN”.
    The dummy was hidden in towels and carried in its component parts to the wash house outside the camp, where it was assembled. It was then carried back into camp in the midst of the marching men, leaving one man to hide in the latrine while the Germans made their headcount. Later the hiding man would emerge and make his escape.

    Bentley-Buckle was the camp’s watch repairer and lock picker, and he made the mechanism which enabled Albert’s eyes to blink and move, giving added realism to the dummy. In 1953 a highly fictionalised version of the episode was made into a film, Albert RN, but Bentley-Buckle’s true wartime adventures, behind enemy lines in Italy and Yugoslavia, were even stranger than fiction.

    Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle - Telegraph
  2. Another wonderful Veteran gone.
  3. Quite a character, both during his war service and after. Thanks for pointing at his obituary!
  4. RIP Lt Cmdr Bentley-Buckle and thoughts and condolences to his survivors. Many thanks, Singha61
  5. "Beaten by 5 SS women"....was he related to Max Mosely?