Lieutenant-Colonel George Styles, GC. 1928-2006

Yesterday saw the passing away of Army's Senior ATO during the outset of the Troubles in 1969.

Styles was awarded the George Cross for defusing two highly dangerous bombs in Belfast in two days in 1971.

Styles was called to the Europa Hotel in October 1971, when a bomb of a new design was found. After clearing the area except for his immediate support team, he examined the device. Not only was it a new design but he was quick to realise, until the electrical circuit inside the device had been neutralised, the slightest movement would detonate the 15lb of explosive and instantly kill him.

It took 7 hours to disarm the bomb in stages.

Two days later he was again called to the Europa Hotel to deal with a much larger device. This device contained around 30lbs of explosive with an even more complex anti-handling mechanism. Styles worked out precisely how the anti-handling device was constructed, this second mission took 9 hours.

In the year after Styles's success at the Europa Hotel, experts under his command dismantled more than 1,000 explosive devices in Northern Ireland and destroyed more than 1,000 others by controlled detonation.
Their was a 'Biography' written on him can't remember if he did the book himself but it was mainly on his time as Senior ATO NI.
RIP old soldier.


A real "Bomb God".

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