Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Wilson VC

Just read, in the Telegraph, the gentlemans obituary, (sorry, don't know how to attach a link).

Another of our finest has passed away. May he rest in peace.
RIP old fella
"Wilson, an acting captain with the Somaliland Camel Corps..."

The stuff of legend... increasingly sad to see this generation and their aura leave our midst.
They don't make them like that any more.......RIP Colonel Wilson. Your courage & spirit set a shining example to post-WW2 generations.
In a day and age when we seem to declare any sportsman "a hero" - well no , but this man really WAS
KAR, SCC and LRDG. That's some CV for a VC.
I'd very much like to see this film his son made. Does anyone have any idea as to title or production company?

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