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walt_of_the_walts said:
It says Survival down to -12c. Not comfort at -12c
Ha Ha, one born every minute, you buy one for your kid then, because thats what mums and dads will doing

And it says Extreme Temperature of Survival -12

The supplier says Extreme Temperature -5

Maybe its you thats selling them??????


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Maybe I'm old but I'm pretty sure the Latin phrase is caveat emptor...
I can tell you from very chilly and uncomfortable experience, you can sleep at -24 without a sleeping bag, so -5/-12 with any sort of sleeping bag should not be a problem.
PS. Do NOT forget your long johns and chinese fighting suit if you wish to try this.
It's OK. If you die of hypothermia, you can get a refund:


There's that little link on the page that says "report them"......
purplestar said:
The below link gives a description of a sleeping bag saying it is good down to -12, however the same bag is shown as -5 from the supplier. Worst thing is the little f**ker has sold nearly 200 of them.
please, please get a life. Good on him that he's sold 200 of them so far.

you buy one for your kid then, because thats what mums and dads will doing
If the parents are taking them camping in temps of -12 then maybe theyre trying to get rid of the kids anyway!


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Talking of false advertising - there is no way the bird in the 'JD Williams, womens clothing size 12-24' footer advert on this page falls into that category!

Ref the topic - Ebay won't care, they make too much off this guy, and all he's doing is using waffling terminology to baffle idiots.
tbf technical tests on sleeping bags are a bit random.
the international one is based on german consripts sleeping on a wooden plank!
so has little relevence to camping.
ffs its a £20 doss bag if your going to try extreme camping i'd imagine you'd know a bit more about kit and what you need to survive if you did'nt the fact you brought a cheapo sleeping bag would be the least of your worries :twisted:
The first ever dossbag walt.

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