Liebour getting shirty with BBC over questiontime with BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. OH dear looks like liebours trying to get question time dropped would be interesting to see what's in the letter.Give them air time and we'll do you?

    At the end of the day as much as they are wrong they are a legitimate political party and should be offered the same rights as all the others I suspect that liebour kows it's going to cost them vites however it pans out.

    The BBC could face legal action over British National Party leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has warned.

    The show is due to feature Mr Griffin, Justice Secretary Jack Straw and Tory and Lib Dem panellists on 22 October.

    But Mr Hain has written to BBC director general Mark Thompson arguing the BNP was "an unlawful body" following a court ruling on its membership policy.

    The BBC said it would respond to Mr Hain's letter "in due course".

    'Unlawful body'

    No BNP representatives have yet appeared on the BBC's flagship panel show.

    But the corporation reviewed its position following the party's success in last June's European elections, in which Mr Griffin was one of two BNP candidates to be elected as an MEP.

    The corporation has said it was obliged to treat all parties with "due impartiality".

    Your approach is unreasonable, irrational and unlawful
    Peter Hain

    But in his letter, Mr Hain, a prominent anti-apartheid activist before becoming an MP, said the decision should be reconsidered in light of a legal case about ethnic restrictions on the BNP's membership rules.

    The party has agreed to amend its constitution after the Equalities and Human Rights Commission sought an injunction, claiming the BNP was breaking the Race Relations Act by restricting membership to "indigenous Caucasian" people.

    Mr Hain wrote: "Now that the BNP have accepted they are at present an unlawful body, it would be perverse of you to maintain that they are just like any other democratically-elected party. On their own admission, at present, they are not.

    "If you do not review the decision you may run the very serious risk of legal challenge in addition to the moral objections that I make.

    "In my view, your approach is unreasonable, irrational and unlawful."

    Mr Hain said the invitation should be suspended until a new constitution could be agreed and the court was satisfied that the party passed "a basic threshold of legality".

    He added: "In the meantime, surely you have no choice but to rescind the invitation and await the court's final decision on the matter?

    "You are giving the BNP a legitimacy even they dare not claim in their current unlawful status."

    'Own minds'

    A BBC spokesman said: "Our understanding is that, if there was an election tomorrow, the BNP would be able to stand.

    "Our audiences, and the electorate, will make up their own minds about the different policies offered by elected politicians."

    Anti-fascist campaigners have said they will stage a demonstration against Mr Griffin's appearance on the show at the BBC's Television Centre, west London.

    As well as Mr Griffin and Mr Straw, panellists are expected to include Conservative peer Baroness Warsi, Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne and playwright and critic Bonnie Greer.

  2. Hain is a fcuking crook! His opinion is worth jacksh1t!
  3. Great Britain.The Home of democracy and free speech?
  4. I love the irony of the EHRC which sponsors organisations that restrict membership on racial lines taking action against the BNP who restrict membership on racial lines.
  5. This is my issue with the whole BNP thing.

    I personally agree with the sentiment that the majority of BNP support comes from Racist numpties. However they are a "legitimate" Political Party and until that status changes (Which it should) they should be afforded the same courtesy that other parties are given. The current policy of shouting them down and denying them access to the voters only fuels their fire and increases their support.

    The BNP should be beaten fairly and squarely by a Non Corrupt party with positive policies to improve Britain and not their financial situation. Unfortunately all the parties are as bad as eachother and non of them deserve a vote.
  6. We ceased to be a democracy about 12 years ago, especially when we didn't even get the choice of our next Prime Minister after Bliar resigned.

    The thing is if you deny the BNP the right to debate then they will:

    1) Claim the moral high ground, because as a legal political party they have been denied their right to free speech
    2) How can you challenge these policies and debunk them if you do not allow them to make complete tits of themselves.

    I also believe that the BBC have to give parties with a certain percentage of the vote air time, the BNP have achieved this and are due the air time, however rightly or wrongly that may seem.
  7. Yeah.What he said.
  8. Yeah.What he said also.
  9. You're quite right C_J. I'm looking forward to the Question Time with Nick Griffin. I'm hoping that clever politicians will be able to expose Griffin for what he is and show his party for what it is.
    However I'm worried that they'll balls it all up by just trotting out the old 'I don't engage with racists' line. Now, more than ever, as the BNP is becoming legitimised by the ballot box, we need eloquent speakers who will stand up and fight for what is right and enter into debate. If the BNP is receiving significant votes then there are a significant number of people who are receiving the BNP message, unless someone stands up with a counter-argument and debates some of the issues that the BNP raise then they are giving the BNP an open field and failing the majority of the people.
  10. This is part of the problem, voters who up until now have traditionally voted big 3 feel let down and in some cases feel they are being ignored. The BNP have stepped in and made these voters feel their concerns are being listened to, this can't only be the White lower classes butt must also be some of the middle classes as well as the BNP's portion of the vote seems to be increasing in theses areas as well.
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    So was I until I saw the line-up they have on along with Big Gay Nick. I was hoping for an Ian Hislop or a Will Self, someone who could destroy him in debate (I don't trust politicians to do this) but no - Chris Huhne and Bonnie Greer? FFS.
  12. About time the tits in the 'traditional' parties started asking themselve what the fcuk did they do so wrong that drove voters to select the BNP.

    But this is the 'ITS HIS FAULT' attitude so prevelant today.

    So MP's, man up and accept RESPONSIBILITY. You fcuked up. IT IS YOUR FAULT

    Yes I know I'm getting shouty, but these knobbers should stop whining and start working. Listen to your consituents, do what they want not what the part machine tells you to do. FFS GROW A SET OF BALLS!

    Oh bugger it's not yet nine o'clock and my blood pressures off the scale. Fatherless politians.
  13. Considering the total disaster that New Liabour have been and the devestation they have brought upon the country , why the hell are their MP 's allowed on question time ??
  14. someone please youtube this!

    Given that Hain has thrown his hat into the ring 'vis a vis' discrimination I as a white middle class Christian am going to seek a seat on the 'Muslim Council of Britain' and the 'Board of Deputies of British Jews'. It is after all my human right and an affirmation of Liebores committment to free speech regardless of race, religeon or politics.
  15. What I find interesting is that when David Dimbleby, after last week's QT, announced that Nick Griffin would be on a panel there were boos, when he announced that Jacqui Smith would be on the one after that there were even more and louder boos. Perhaps Labour ought to be addressing that issue.
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