Liebore financial incompetence.This time,military housing.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. And it gets worse, they have missed the big one..........
    In about 2020, the MoD has to prove the requirement for every house. Those not proven can then be sold by Annington, estimated at about 8 billion as the spacious estates will be bulldozed for the modern rabbit warrens.
  2. paperpuke/sven/ashie will be along shortly to 'prove' this was an outstanding achievement by New Liebour.
  3. Anybody who bought a house from Mod in the Vale of Glamorgan must be laughing there parts off, they paid peanuts for them and now they are worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds, good move Gordon
  4. There's plenty in this article to implicate the Tories. Bunch of cnuts they may be, but Labour is not not responsible for all the Country's ills.
  5. They won't have to.

    This was an out and out disaster engineered by the last bunch of incompetent and greedy Tossers, sorry, Tories (some of whom did very well out of the business and who are still in place behind that nice Mr Cameron). Both the MOD and the Tory Government were repeatedly warned that it was selling the Crown Jewels for peanuts and it sailed blithely on.

    It was a criminal act, in my opinion, and one that has cost the MOD dear.

    A generation earlier, at least Poulson went to jail for ripping off the MOD.

  6. Got to agree with Litotes, but Labour did nothing to stop it for two reasons;
    1. They got the cash to spend.
    2. They can blame the Tories for it all.
  7. Interesting that this had risen to the surface again, well done the DT not simpering to the Conservative line, it was the Tories and the Major Government specifically that created this monumental cock up, Gordon might have flogged the Gold but this was criminal and we are seeing the lagacy ciome home to bite us.
  8. This was the cracking deal that sold all of the Victorian/Edwardian Barrcks. The Shoebury Barracks went for about £7 Million maximum - the 5 bedroomed Victorian MQ were done up and sold for £500K each - £2 mill recouped with 6 months. The remainder went over a period of years and by a fag packet calculation the developer must have made around £12 Million.

    And somebody certified the place Free From Explosives - oh how we laughed!

    Edited once to add - spot on Litotes. A Grade 1 feck up.
  9. And the MOD has to pay Annington Homes every time it wants to do any work on its estate that impacts on the ex-MOD land that is now owned by Annington Homes!


  10. James Arbuthnot, was of course Minister of State for Defence Procurement at the time. So yes, it was a Tory government deal.

    But the £1.6 billion that Annington paid came into the hands of the UK Government after Labour came to power. Where did that go then?

    Apart from which, this is hardly news. Looks like somebody has rehashed the 2007 report

    "Views on the merits of the Annington deal differ. Undoubtedly, the increase in property prices makes the deal look, with the benefit of hindsight, less attractive than it looked at the time.

    But the deal was intended to deliver not just money into the public purse but also incentives for the MoD to maintain acceptable standards of repair and fewer empty properties. Our comments below on the disposal of properties suggest that these incentives have not operated as intended. We find this deeply disappointing. "
  11. Couldn't agree more, it is criminal, but nobody (but nobody) will end up paying for this insanity. After 32 years, the quality and standard of SFA was just one of the reasons that I finally decided to call it a day.
  12. Down the lavvy with the rest of our national wealth?
  13. Hum! Naughty, rather stupid Tories, aided and abetted subsequently by equally stupid Labour 'mugwumps'. What to do?

    When, in Australia, a deal was made to remove Test cricket from terrestrial television, the then Prime Minister said 'no'. He was told that it was a done deal - signed, sealed and delivered so to speak. He said again: 'no'.

    When asked how to block this 'deal' bearing in mind 'Contract Law' - blah, blah, blah - he said: 'I shall legislate - RETROSPECTIVELY if necessary'. (Sadly, our prime minister deemed cricket too elitist to intervene).

    Test cricket in Australia is available on terrestrial and satellite tv.

    C'mon Ainsworth - make a name for yourself and take all the MoD housing estate back into our - the tax payers' - ownership and 'stuff' the 'spivs' shafting the country and the soldiers.

    Go on - dare you - make soldiers really like you - thank you even. ('Respect' and 'Trust' come a little later).

    You can't?

    'Clown' Brown won't let you?
    'Captain' Darling has told you what?
    Mr. Mandelson called you a very nasty name!
    Neither Miliband knows your name! (Two points in your favour).
    Alan Johnson said: 'You will have to go'.
    Harriet Harman told you that as you had no aristocrats in your family and as you had not attended a top public school, you were a 'throw back' and a disgrace to New Labour.
    John Prescott was sick at your Reception in Main Building - before he made it into the room.
    Dr. Liam Fox thinks you are a 'good sort' and he may 'cross the floor' if you take on the recovery of the MoD Housing Estate - he might you know, because I know someone who knows a girl who went to school with his secretary and he nearly told her.
  14. Eloquently put, sir, if a little confusing. Who do you think is responsible for all the Country's ills?