Liebor going down?..

Just watching the news & it looks like the Liebour party are losing a lot of seats.In the SE of england,Liebour has lost all it's council seats.
Well according to the news they have lost a lot of seats but nowhere near as many as was expected.

Will be interesting to see the results during the day.
Sadly, it seems not to be as bad for Liarbour as was predicted.

Interestingly, I note the shambles in Scotland with ballot papers, computers, fog and a weapon weilding weirdo.

Now the 'weirdo' and the 'fog' could happen anywhere, but - cynical, I sure am - the 'difficulties' with ballot papers and computers unable to count smells to me. Smells too much like 'Florida'. Smells too much like 'we are going to lose, so let's cheat'!
So far, not quite the drubbing predicted north of Hadrian's, but they're still going down like a tramp on a dog-end.

Jack McConnell (yes, a lot of Scots have to ask as well!) gave a final speech saying "We have won the argument, now let's see if we can win the votes of ordinary people". Presumably, this was the argument held in a locked room surrounded by toadies, 'coz he sure as sh1t ain't won any others.

SNP gained 8 seats in Holyrood last I heard, mainly at the expense of Labour. but there's a whole lot of delays in the count.
Call me old fasioned if you like, but I have the funny feeling that BLiar's party over may have pushed the doom and gloom predictions for the sole reason that, when the results arrived, they didn't look half as bad as they actually were.

That's 'plotiks' and the nature of the BLiar spin doctors. They have had a kicking and don't want us to think that they have. Time for BLair to cut and run leaving Broon with a mess. Ie. poor results, health service in a mess, and economy in freefall.

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