lie intregrity at the first interview

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ultimate12570, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    one month ago i went to the british army selection centre to join the regular army,im a common wealth applicant,when i arrived there the sergant who took my interview,asked me that how long have u been in the uk and i said i just arrived here so then he said why don't you apply from overseas and then come here on a visit visa,i replied i can't get a visit visa because its not easy for us to get a uk visit visa bcoz i belong from a third world country and then he started saying that u came here as a student and now u want to join the army, u lie to our british authorities and you have made lie integrity,so i can't select u and im saving u r details in my record as a lierapplicant but they do accept overseas nationals on a student visa but i didn't lie, i didn't know that british army accept common wealth countries member citizens when i was in my home country,when i reached uk and started my studies then some one told me that do u wanna join the army and i said no i can't bcoz im not a british citizen then he told me that they do accept common wealth national,you should go to thier recruitment centre they will give all information,can i re-apply is it possible.....????
  2. I don't know why the sargent is not recruiting me,there were around 15 overseas commonwaelth citizens at the recruitment centre and they all came here in the uk as a student and they all got selected and got forms to sign but i didn't get any form, what should i do know please guide me,can i apply again in a different recruiment centre but the problem is they got my details so they will easliy find there any possiblity for me to join the british army....????
  3. the best thing is for you to go to your recruitment office and explain your situation that you started your studies, then ask him to explain this is adsc staff.
  4. yea the sargent told me that u can come on tuesday,you don't have to but u can and then u can meet the adsc staff but firt i will let them know about what u lie to me and then u can talk them,but thats the problem man,when he tells the adsc staff about me then i think they will not gonna trust me...thats what i've been thinking all day, what would you say..???should i go there or waiting for your reply.
  5. Would you be from Nigeria?
  6. no im not from nigeria...
  7. Shame. You could've brought the $30m that some bird is holding for me.
  8. Dear friend,

    Please furnish me with 10000US and I will make it so you can join the British Army. Please send the money by Western Union.


    Rev. Amazing Lobster
  9. Wherever you're from go back and join your own countries Army.
  10. jealous haan....
  11. Dear Ultimate12570,

    Many thanks for replying to my previous message. How are you I hope you are well and I have been thinking about you since you told me about your plight.
    Now for us to proceed with the business transaction, I need you to furnish me with your phone number, bank account details and a copy of your passport enshallah.

    Peace be upon you,

    Rev. Amazing Lobster
  12. To,Amazing Lobster
    shut the fuck up,mind your own business and don't send me these kind of stupid messages......
  13. Dear ultimate12570,

    I thank you most graciously for your considered message. The visa for you to join the Royal British Army is almost ready to send to you. Unfortunately, I will still require you to furnish me with the details previously requested so I can move this transaction along. Please let me know if there is any difficulty in doing this.


    Rev. Amazing Lobster
  14. Ultimate - if you can me give your bank sort code and account number - I can help you with my friend - His name is Uncle George Adugogwenygo - he has direct telephone line to Sir General Richards office - you will need no visa my friend. Just PM your details and I and uncle george will help you all the way.

    Peace be with you - but its the easist way how can get you in the Army just for some small bank account details.
  15. This really has to be the most dreadful of wahs?

    I think, possibly, it may end very, very badly.