Lidl do a Suunto on the cheap

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Speedy, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. OK, so it's not a Suunto, but it has an impressive feature list for £19.99. Anyone care to get one to test to destruction?

    LIDL Great Britain -

    Made from stainless steel and ABS plastic
    Features include
    - Altimeter and digital compass
    - Temperature display (°C/°F)
    - 12/24hr clock
    - Stopwatch
    - Countdown timer
    - Date display
    - 5 alarm settings
    - Backlit LCD display
    Battery included
    3 year manufacturer’s warranty

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  2. Available from 03/09/12 ;-)
  3. I'm after an outdoor watch, as my G10 steams up outdoors and sometimes runs backwards for some reason. I'll give one a go.

    Not sure you can rely on an altimeter and compass in a 19.99 watch though.
  4. Ooops, should have included that!
  5. You cant really go wrong with a 3 year warranty with a watch that is only £19.99.
    I will be getting one, might even get 2 just in case they sell quick.
    Will test it on a mountain walk I have planned for mid September.
  6. Just bought one.
    Seems to be built well. Stainless steel back and face surround. a bit bulkier than and average watch.
    The compass works well and was on par with my silva but only has degrees and not mils.
    The altimeter works fine and can be set to feet or metres. there was a fluctuation of 3 feet either side of the reading on my hand held garmin gps which is nothing to worry about.

    There is a chrono with memory for lap times and also an alarm.
    And a digital thermometer metric or imperial.

    Will test more when I'm out on the hills next week. 3 year warranty included for £19.99 what can go wrong?
    If its shit I'll get my money back.
  7. Is it waterproof ?
  8. only if you don't get it wet...

    Only shower/ rain proof not to be submerged.
    Its not waterproof the barometric sensor has a wee hole in the steel to read air pressure/altitude.
  9. So it also measures depth? Indicated by the screen going blank at 50mm?
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  10. Yes but as a rule I generally don't go swimming/snorkelling at the same time I go hillwalking.
  11. I've just been to my local outlet and had a look. It seems to be OK, I was about to buy one when I had one of those 'what are you actually going to use if for' moments. I put it back on the shelf and bought 12 bottles of Shepherds Neame ale for £12. And some lovely Black Forest Ham (very smokey).
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  12. Bloody felt like it last time I was up Helvelyn!!!

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  13. Nice find. Think I'll get one later on today. We have a relatively new Boxhead sparkasse here, and I haven't been in it yet.