Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ZBM2, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. Over the past few months there have been a few threads which have mentioned Land ICS Group – the newest of the three TA Specialist units within the Specialist Group Royal Signals (SGRS) (the other two being LIAG and 81 Sig Sqn).
    Together these three national TA units provide specialists with current military and/or commercial expertise and experience across the complete range of ICS disciplines – from requirements specification, infrastructure design, secure architecture, project management and installation, through to secure operation and information assurance, and system decommissioning. LICSG’s role is the provision of expertise in system, software and network specification, design and operation, and in the implementation and technical inspection of ICS solutions.
    LICSG is now recruiting. As with LIAG, LICSG can commission qualified individuals as Specialist Offrs (there has been a subtle change in the rules about PQOs – however no significant change to the commissioning/training/employment route). Unlike LIAG, LICSG can also hold appropriate Supervisory WOs and SSgts (ie FofS/YofS/SupvrIS) and Tfc/Tfc(IS)/TOT Offrs. Target LICSG skillsets include:

    • Requirements capture
    • Bid analysis/preparation
    • Service delivery/SLA specification/contract management
    • Programme and project management
    • Enterprise/Systems/Solutions Architecture
    • Network/Infrastructure design/management
    • Technical Inspections

    If anyone is interested in joining the top tip is to drop a CV direct to LICSG ( ) – entry to LICSG is ONLY by passing a selection board – held 2-3 times/year at Corsham; all CVs are considered at a unit screening board. Specialist Offr entrants then have a subsequent commissioning board. As a specialist unit, basic commitment is 19 days/year but in reality with mil trg and tasks most unit members will do somewhat more; and as elsewhere appointment is for a 3-year tour.
  2. Where are these specialist units based ?

    Is it Corsham
  3. Yes. But note, not all training is done there. I understand training is spread up and down the country.
  4. Blandford & Swynnerton (sp?) recently. Wathgill shortly.
  5. Roughly what is the amount of days a keen soldier will do?

    I wish these units would have troops scattered around the country. I understand the training is spread around the country but weekends down south would mean days off work, I struggle to get to my own localish unit at times (either work or travel problems)
  6. Basically 4-day MATTS twice a year - need to do at least one of those/both if you want to retain ability for consideration for fast-track mob on short-notice, short-duration op tours; maybe one or two other weekends; no midweek trg.
    As specialists there's no need for "special-to-arm" trg as such - unit members are supposed to know their stuff - the trick is then to task org an appropriate mix of pers/skills/experience etc.
    And of course as specialists 4-day periods count towards the 15-day in-camp element...
  7. whoops - forgot to ATQ: typically 30-40 days/more for some appointment holders.
  8. Can't believe I'm saying this after my recent whinge about MATTS. :roll:

    I presume these are Level 1 MATTS? Would soldiers from other units be able to attend? Then soldiers in other units could also deploy for short tours. As an example, I believe I fall short of LICSG requirements but their are reasons it would be useful to be in theatre for brief periods (at short notice) - this may be for employer not directly the MOD
  9. If you deploy to theatre for your employed you don't require MATTs. One of my lads went out, in his civi capacity and was there and back in 12 days, including 2-3 at chilwell.
  10. It'd be in a very related role to LICSG for a tri-service branch of the forces, just on the edge of it. I don't do 'Requirements capture', I do 'Requirements Implmentation' and can do 2nd line support. Many of the LICSG roles validate my work.
  11. Nope. L2.

    If we (SGRS, 'cause I'm not LICSG) deploy on a task, it is normally on 'theatre visitor' status and we are go with L2 (or less if people lie like b@stards). If we are going w/o visitor status, then we do the normal RTMC / OPTAG like everybody else. Hence we try to keep most tasks within the limits for visitor, 'cause it's easier to take 2 weeks & a day off work than 2 months.

    Ask the PSI but ... We normally have 40+ for a MATTS w/e with 1 PSI to support (+ help from 81 Sigs).

    If it's for your employer and you aren't serving, MATTS doesn't matter - I've never seen a Paradigm guy (or any other CONDO) on the range, never mind in the gas chamber (yes, I know, we're not supposed to call it that any more :D )
  12. Sorry it seems 'polar with no beer' went on a walt fest...... I might just want a 'been to Sandy place' tick in the box
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Wiki updated:

    ZBM2, can you keep an eye on it?

    And I won't even start on mentioning about a so-called IT specialist unit relying on a Gunner Officer to sort it out ;)

  14. Does anyone know if September's LICSG selection board is still planned?

    Many thanks.