Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Anyone have current info on this unit, i.e. Is it up and running?

    All I can find at the moment is this from Arrse wiki

    The seem to have a website on ArmyNET sharepoint but for some reason its closed off (and not under Royal Signals just like LIAG).
  2. Yes - They had their first MATTS weekend this last weekend.
  3. :D How to kill intrest in transfering with one word
  4. Where are they located ?
  5. Corsham (specialist unit so not many weekends ..... .and possibly short tours)
  6. I sent my CV into LIAG(V) after returning from Telic in 2005. Thought I would be in with a shot at a junior position due to a BSc(Hons) Computer Science and couple of years experience. Unfortunately I didn't have the IT security experience required, a pity as I'm quite close to Corsham.

    Now have a couple more years experience, am in a project co-ordination role and studying for a Foundation Cert in Project Management. Have applied to start a part time MSc Management this year. Maybe LICSG is worth an enquiry.
  7. They fall under the 2 (NC) Sig Bde Specialist Group. They are administered from CVHQ Royal Signals at Corsham.

    If you're interested drop CVHQ a line. They will have the up to date contact details.


    01225 814815


    I know several folk there. Its early days but looks to be very interesting. Something I'm keeping in mind for the future.
  8. Wasn't this unit s'pose to start up over a year ago, with some limp-wristed LtCol from 71 running it. I too sent them a CV with YofS/Ew/training/CNR/X-25/Network management experience and it got nowhere. Is this a club for the boys ??
  9. Just found this in a recentish PM

  10. No, its a professional unit. I take it as you got nowhere with your CV, you feel qualified to run it down. Did it ever occur to you to call and ask for some form of feed back on your CV? Did you approach your CoC to enquire for you? Whilst I am not part of it, I can assure you that if I were an attitude like that could explain why you were unsuccessful.
  11. If its like LIAG(V) they will send you a letter explaining why you had been rejected, I hadn't enough security experience.
  12. Fair point, however I'd like to know why we can't train people in this arena. Whilst a lot of skills come from civi street surely we can identify suitable people and help them gain experience?
  13. My security experience was too specific, firewall installation and support. Might have helped if I had intrusion detection I suspect. But the reply did not specify
  14. Always wondered that, with the regular army being short of IS Eng for numerous years and the (normal) TA having many people with IT skills but not necessarily the correct set. Why not train them up?
    Why IT people still being placed into operator slots when all the evidence shows they would deploy as IS Eng.
  15. Or advise folk of what is needed. My employer allows us to use online training tools to learn a number of networking, database and security skills. I am sure others are in the same boat. I'd happily move from operator to IS Eng if that is were the need it. I joined to serve.