Licking the Talibans Flip-Flop. James Lee.

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Licking the Talibans Flip Flop.

On face value I did not want to like this book. As the readers of ARRSE are more than aware to lift a quote from Heartbreak Ridge, Movements is an “under appreciated field of endeavour”. Who hasn’t stood in a room at South Cerney where the air seems to consist mainly of methane while a pimply Lance Jack with a Trivial Pursuit counter on his arm reads a briefing sheet in a monotone without once lifting his eyes from the sheet?

Well SSgt Lee apparently was that Lance Jacks boss. The book tells the story of Staff Lee’s last operational tour where he was the chief “Mover” for six months in KAF. I never served in the noughties so I’ll leave it to those who did to judge on the threats that he faced, but I think the quote on the cover which states “Not all forces memoirs are Bravo Two Zero” shows that Mr Lee was not a man labouring under any delusions.

After the first chapter it was more than clear to me that the author possessed a very self deprecating sense of humour, later chapters prove that he would need it. The first thirty pages made me smile and laugh, but I remember looking at the bulk of the book I had left and thought “it’s going to wear a bit thin after a while”. In truth though it doesn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book and finished it in about three sittings. The now Mr Lee has a fine eye for a story and the cast of characters in his team will be more than familiar to any soldier serving or otherwise.

That the whole tour must have been more than dull is probably beyond dispute, the situations created by idle hands gave me many laugh out loud moments, it was like popping on a comfortable pair of slippers. It had non of the sometimes desperate air of some other military humour books that I have read, it flowed and I found it genuinely funny and entertaining in equal measure.

If nothing else it made me sit back and consider……. just how much would you have to pay me to lick a Talibans flip flop?

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This is available on Kindle unlimited for those with the subscription. An excellent read which had me chuckling. SWMBO was baffled when I explained why.
Despite my 2022 New Year's resolution not to buy any new books until I'd finished all the ones I bought in 2021 and hadn't got round to reading I'm glad I broke it for this book. An easy read with the author's humour neatly encapsulated is a series of short diary entries, some of which are genuinely 'laugh out loud' moments.

Well worth your time to enjoy a masterclass in finding humour in the strangest places and making the most of the hand / tour you've been dealt.
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I can only agree. I enjoyed it far more than I expected to.

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