good luck mate, i got back today and i hope it goes as well for you as it did for me.

what regiment you going for?
Got deffered in the end Pidge, turns out i have a heart murmur, off to see specialist on Monday so not too bad.
Going for Irish Guards yourself ?
Welsh Guards mate,

I wouldnt get to disheartened by heart murmur, very common apparently, with a bit of luck you'll be back in rsc before the end of next week (not unknown, a lad from coventry at my rsc was back within a week).

Have you been told about avoiding caffeine before your med?
advice is to drink loads of water for a day before you go to the ADSC.. I was at ADSC Lichfield Monday/Tuesday.. was loads of fun!
Yeah got told about caffeine (i avoided it), Saying that SR I had hardly had a drink all day whether its related :? ..don't know..So hopefully be back very soon :)

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