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  1. I've been booked in to my medical down in Lichfield in a week. I was just wondering what this would entail?

    It supposedly takes all day...will it just be: blood tests, drug tests, urine samples, flexibility tests,BMI calculations etc. I don't see how it could take so long. I've already done my RG8 (paper medical) and passed it which has to be signed by my GP.

    I always assumed that the medical was the first hour or so of briefing.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I had my medical at Lichfield about a month ago and it finished at around 1pm, but i guess it depends how busy they are or how many people are doing it. The tests are ; Urine test (make sure you dont drink a whole bottle of lucozade before this because it messes it up), hearing test, eye sight, bmi, heart test, general GP checkover and medical history.

    Good Luck.