Lichfield selection day

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. am awaiting my selection day now....ive askd my afco but they said they will be in contact.
    but its nice to know wen things are happening so your all set up and ready

    is anyone set for a date at Lichfield anytime soon
  2. yea i got my this thursday coming.
  3. 2 + 3rd April
  4. just found out today that i have my selection on the 12th april.

    been to the afco today to get my travel pass and some more info.
    is anyone else going on these dates 12th/13th
  5. Went to ADSC on the 15th of March and passed.

    Nothing to worry about. If you can do you run under 11.30 as a guidline you should be fine. Maximum effort on all the tests. The PTI`s want to see you committed and focused! Grit your teeth and work hard! Run everywhere and you`ll be fine!

    Any questions please ask its what this site is for!

    Good luck let us no how you get on!
  6. I've got mine the 11th and 12th mate so might see you there