Lichfield RSC 1st October

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. edit*** 2nd october sorry not 1st

    anyone else off here going then? :D
  2. Nope - but good luck.

    You been before?

    If not pay attention as soon as you get off the train, dress smart (trousers and shirt) carry yourself with confidence and above all listen to what you are told and then do it!

    Here is a tip - make sure you are front of the cue for dinner (in the first rank) you get very little time for eating your food.
  3. no mate haven't been before

    i was thinkin of goin down in casual stuff... just jeans + t shirt etc to save me creasin my smart stuff for the followin day, for the interview

    not scruffy like

    whats the food like... any good???

    and is there a bar in the NAAFI? dont know whether to take some ££ for 1 or 2

    and cheers.
  4. You won't be alone in jeans for sure.

    First impressions count for alot, I don't mean really smart stuff just smart casual, and jeans are not that :).

    Food is plentifull I found it good but others didn't like it, depends what you are used too.

    There is a bar but you probably will not get to use it, to be honest there is no need for money whilst in the camp, when you go to the naffi there will be a long que for the shop - and you will get drinks and snacks provided while watching the phase one video later on.

    Remember you are on a job interview and they are watching you all the time.
  5. Just turn up in a matching tracksuit and baseball cap balancing on the top of your head. You'll look just like the rest of the chav cnuts ive seen joining the Army these days.

    Not implying you are a chav I just fcuking hate chavs
  6. what would u suggest wearing then mate???

    and hirground.. the only time i wear trackies is when i;m goin to and from the gym.
  7. Just a casual pair of trousers (not denim) and a casual shirt (with a collar)

    Will look like you are keen to make a good impression and it will set you apart from the chav's which there will be plenty of.

    Try to distance yourself from the chav's, you are there for a job interview not for a good time pissing about with nobs ;).
  8. haha i know yeah..

    cheers for the tips anyway mate :)

    1 last thing.. is there anything extra i should bring.. thats not on the list i've got?

    i've heard someone say about taking 2 towels
  9. You don't need much.

    You will be too busy to need anything really, well when I say busy allot of the time is spent waiting (medical/interviews etc etc).

    I took shit loads and regretted it.

    Take your mobile phone or an alarm clock to get you up in the morning, nobody gets you up you are expected to get yourself up (around 5am).

    Perhaps some headache pills as I had a headache on the second day.
  10. Sorridstroker, your selection appears quite different from Pirbright! At Pirbright we were allowed to sleep until 5.35am, and were expected to be up, although that was checked by a cpl.
    Everyone under 18 who pitched up at my selection were wearing trackies/rubbish jeans and a top of some sort (but none with collars). Somehow, the amount of press-ups handed out seemed to correspond with the lack of smart dress... Worse dressed, more press-ups! :lol:

    Seriously, just dress smart, don't try and be a smart-arsse, and if the staff tell you to do something, just do it! :D

    Editted to add two things:
    At Pirbright, we didn't get to go to the NAAFI at all!
    Like sorridstroker says, dont take much. Suit, Sports gear. Poss. jeans and a t-shirt. That's it. No need for an extra towel.
  11. im going up then!
  12. what r u tryin for mate?

    as in infantry, RE's, RLC etc
  13. the royal artillery.

    what about you?
  14. I was at rsc not too long ago and still have that booklet they give you and it says "It is recomended that you travel in tracksuit to ensure the minimum disruption during the reception period prior to your medical"

    Although I did arrive in smart/casual nothing was said and ending up passing.

    Just dress smart/casual and do your best over the 2 days, if they go at you because your appearence is slack go out and show them your fitness isnt.
  15. infantry mate