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You can't get hold of Litchfield Medical wing for both confidential and private aspects, im guessing you got deffered on your Medical, or you have appealed the best thing you can do is ring the Capita office and get through to the medical department as they will be able to check your progress and get their boot up Litchfields arses to come up with more details or a decision.
The army recruiting line's number is: 0845 600 8080
You want to ring this as they will be able to give you the number for the Medical guys.

Hope this helps, good luck!
Yeah they apperantly found blood in my urine at selection but obviously because its a small problem I passed selection and was reffered to my GP. Turns out I had 2 tests sent off to the hospital from my GP and there's not a speck of blood in there. So I'm waiting longer than I should be to get a date for basic for no reason:(! Pain in the arrse really and I really want my date haha, ill try giving that number a ring now, did phone my csm but she said just wait it out. I hate waiting! Cheers for that!

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