Lichfield car or train

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jimmi1, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. going to Lichfield 4th February do i have to go by train or can i get a lift by car if i go by train i have to transfer 3 times and will take me around 4 hours but if i go by car i can be there in 1 hour 30 with no hassle.
  2. Go by car then, as long as its not your own - IIRC recruits can't bring their vehicles onto camps...
  3. i think i will go by car then do they meet you outside the train station
  4. Yeah they meet you at the train station. Don't take too much junk as they pile you all into a mini bus together. Make sure you wear a suit and wear it properly ;)
  5. japseyewarrior should i wear a suit on arrival ?,i will phone my recruiter just to make shore that getting a lift is o.k
  6. No I just typed that for a laugh :roll:

    Make sure it's a smart suit, and wear it smartly, not like it's a school uniform ;)
  7. o.k cheers mate
  8. Enjoy it, Lichfield was good, although I may be looking back with rose tinted glasses now because I distinctly remember sitting in the smoking sheds staring into the distance trying to think of 10 reasons to DAOR 8)
  9. Im not being funny or anything but what happens if your poor and cant afford a proper suit, i have one but its massive on me and i look like a pimp more than anything.
  10. asda! you can get them for a tenner! theres no excuse, and im sure a little expenditure is worth making a good first impression?

    lichfield is good fun, i enjoyed it.
  11. Agreed - where there's a will there's a way ;)
  12. To the TV mast and back...GO. Are they still allowed to do that?

    Happy memories.
  13. Go and steel a suit like all good infanteers do :)
  14. I used to have to go and see my plt sgt's imaginery friend, Fred, who was coincidently always standing on the horizon somewhere, LoL...
  15. haha god the memories :) and round the church on every pt lesson!!