lichfield april 2008

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by j-to-da-b, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi im going to lichfield to see if i can pass selection to go to the army foundation college in harragate. Is there anybody here going to lichfield on april the 16th?.Has anybody been to lichfield selection course here before and if so do you have any advise?.

    from jamie.b
  2. yehhh im going to ADSC lichfield mate , however it's on the 15th and 16th of April
  3. hi my dates are the 16th and 17th.looking foward to it good luck .
  4. Do junior entry and senior entry do selection together?
  5. Went to Lichfield in May last year. I was medically deffered, but have some advice, as I passed everything else. The run has a slight hill at the end, with a slight downhill near the start. It is two laps of the camp, with doing the warm up half the way around. The strength tests are a power clean, (basically you have to lift about 55lbs to aobve a certian height).

    a pulling test, which is done in the style of a deadlift, but using a machine, pull ups on a beam, the jerry can carry, make sure you have a proper grip on the cans before you beginning, as theyr'e made of plastic and can slip easily (nearly happened to me). The grenade toss, just shout as loud as you can, the memory test, get your section to keep asking each other about the different grenades, it's not hard, i can still remember em now.

    Just do as the corporals say, and make sure you sit up straight in the Seargent Majors (?) talk at the start, as a few lads got a bit of a bollocking for slouching. All in all, if you've been training you should pass, and just enjoy yourself.
  6. Do you fail if you drop a jerry can?
  7. You don't fail outright, but it goes heavily against you, best to train for it, just carry two heavy things up and down your garden. I found it more a test of grip, but you also have to walk at a brisk pace. If you do fail, just put 110% into all the other tasks, and it hopefully won't matter, good luck mate.
  8. rugby im goin 15th, 16th at lichfield to, goin from cheshire, you?
  9. im down there on the 14th so a day earlier than you lads...good luck!
  10. im down there on the 14th so a day earlier than you lads...good luck!
  11. yeah im going to ADSC lichfield on the 16th-17th April, going from stourbridge :). Im hoping to pass, the only thing I struggle on are pull ups but I'll get through I hope :D Good luck and see you there Jamie :)
  12. Thank God for that...
  13. alright pal!!!wat have u done to prepare urself 4 selection?
  14. If you drop the Jerry Cans you need professional help. Seriously.
  15. passed yesterday fellas,,,,excelled and was well above average according to my interviewing officer! so very pleased with myself..
    in all fairness aslong as you put the effort for the physical stuff the rest should fit in, because its not the hardest of things youl have to do!
    itl be a good experiance either way though! been offered a start date of the 14th may, then on in to the queens royal hussars all being well!