Lichfield ADSC 4th March

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ottenj88, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. ottenj88

    ottenj88 Swinger

    is there anyone on here going to Lichfield ADSC on the 4th of march? it would be nice if I knew someone before i get down there lol
  2. crafty1987

    crafty1987 Swinger

    not me, have a mate that is though!! and ill be going within the next couple of weeks i hope, just waiting for my medical to come back!
    let me no how you find it!
  3. Olibs

    Olibs Crow

    I am off to York on the 5th dont supposoe any one is off then ?
  4. RodneyG

    RodneyG Swinger

    Going back to Lichfield tomorrow following a deferral.

    I travelled up on my own last time but you'll probably meet a few lads at Birmingham New Street station, don't worry about it too much...everyone's in the same boat mate!
  5. steven8gerrard

    steven8gerrard Old-Salt

    i've not long completed adsc so if any of you guys need advice i'd be happy to help
  6. ottenj88

    ottenj88 Swinger

    sure will, my medical took its time be prepared for a long wait lol
  7. stu.l

    stu.l Clanker

    I'm going to Lichfield next week, when you guys get back any help and advice would be muchly appreciated and also good luck!
  8. crafty1987

    crafty1987 Swinger

    i was told i should of been going tomorow at one point! have now been told the careers office should have my medical back by wednesday so should be all systems go then! have got to make my mind up between the rac, and infantry though!!
  9. Duckypoos

    Duckypoos Swinger

    With a name like crafty I'd have pegged you for a REME type.