Lichfield 5th febuary

Have you got your Selection Dates? If your dates are in the next few days and your RG8 has been cleared then it could be possible - so long as your Selection goes well.

What trade? As this will also have a bearing.
Then as long as you get through with no problems, and there are vacancies for your trade, then it is perfectly realistic that the dates are correct.
oh right its just that before this everything was taking ages! so i expected this to be the same! Just hope i pass selection and i can start :)
The Application Process can be like that - bit like Army life full of hurry up and wait then wham bam . . . :scratch:

Give it your best and good luck.
If you are going into the Royal Artillery on the 5th Febuary ill see you there mate :thumright:

Im joining a technical crewman operating the 105 Light Gun
Sorry my mistake, yeah im at ATR Pirbright on the 5th of Febuary.
Lichfield is easy mate, the 1.5 mile is simple "IF" you have been training.
Totally off prime Thread but if any of you lads are looking for a decent curry while you are in the City, the new Nepalese place in Lombard St ( ) is brilliant. It's run by an ex Ghurk. For what it's worth, although I've only been there twice, I reckon it's the best of all the ones in Lichfield; and I've been to them all round the centre. In case you're wondering I have no interest in the place other than eating the brill food.

Anyway, for those of you on Selection and the others on courses, good luck. Just do your best and make the most of it.

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