Lichfield 11th october

Im off to Lichfield selection centre on the 11th oct, im very sporty but im a sprinter rather than distance runner (not that 1.5miles is endurance running) i've been training 5/6 days pwk for the past two months an i've just stepped it up a gear feeling shattered though, i attempted a 1.5mile run yest jogged 0.5miles firstly then ran jus under a mile well 0.8 in literally 4minutes...i couldnt breathe for a bout 10minutes after, i was to politely put it breathing out of my arse! i have a habit of speeding up without noticing,
anyone having same prob or got any tips?? apart from the obvious of slowing down!

cheers Luc
When I first started going for the mile and half I found I was going to fast at the start - all I did was keep telling myself to slow down. And then my mind would wander and I'd have to tell myself again! Doesn't happen any more, but I think thats because I've got more stamina - I still go at the same pace, but I'm now capable of maintaining it over the distance.
cheers soozi, i decided to take a friend who is a little slower than me out for a 4mile run yest it worked really well, ive split the 1.5miles in sections now so i know how long i should take for each part so that i get under 11mins, lichfield here i come!
the 1.5 mile run is over quickly so you just need to keep pushing yourself. Even if u feal compleatly shattered at the end at least you know you have tried your best. u would be surprised how far you can go at a good speed if you get yourself into a good frame of minde. the only thing i would warn you about is that lichfield has a buga of a hill, it is not too steep but it lasts a little wile and you need to do two laps of the track
yes one of my friends warned me about that! im doing alot of circuit training for anaerobic fitness and on my current running track theres a slight hill which lasts about 5mins so fingers crossed this has prepared me, thing is i get bored if theres no one to compete with!


did my selection at Lichfield on 20th Sep, one of the instructors will run with you on about a 10.30 pace just make sure your in front of him and obviously you should get the time you need.

the hills nothing, its not that steep and its only about 20 metres long, nothing to worry about. i finished about 10th and ran 9.31, the guy who finished first had about 8.30, so dont go too qick at the start, all the guys that did struggled and it doesnt look good
cheers guys, were any girls keeping up with your pace..did many finish under 12mins, from the selection centre video it made out not alot of women pass the fitness tests!
Lu86, girls have selection separately. On mine, the fastest was about 11.30 and the rest came in various times after that!

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