Lichfield 1.5mile Circuit on GRASS?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lucifer666, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Recently went to ADSC litchfield for my selection. 1st Job choice was parachute regiment. Had been training hard and got tested by my recrutement centre who run a fitness club. Had a pb of 8.33 by the time i got to lichfield, easily enough for the 9.18 recuired for the paras. When it came to the day of the run, I was suprised to see that the circuit was on a grass field, and not the sort you would play sport on because it wasnt short enough and wasnt flat. Anyway felt good for the first lap, did go off a little too hard but i usually do that but by the time i crossed the line of the first lap of two i was completley shattered, but i kept going, crossing the finish line with my legs feeling like jelly. Found out later that I had a time of 9.44, over a minuite off my pb. Now i have to go back in a months time because i deferred myself because i didnt want to take my second choice and i may as well go back cuz i would have been waiting till april for my second choice. The only thing i can think of is that the grass added this time. Are they allowed to run the test on grass, because it was more like a cross country run rather than a proper test of distance. I mean its okay when you only have to achieve an average time but 9.18 is pretty good going so when you add the minuite that the grass added on to my time, i'm going to need to get a pb of 8.18 in training. Any help or comments would be apprieciated.
  2. Im pretty sure former 400m runner Iwan Thomas had problems running in his career, he had the same problems you describe of being fine one moment and absolutely knackered the next, one race he lagged far behind and described it as though he felt he was running on sand, I believe he overcame this by actually training on sand which seemed to cure the problem. I would just train on a various surfaces grass, tarmac, running track (if theres a local one for you to use) Good luck.
  3. hello there mate thanks for the info. also thinkin of joinin the paras i done my barb 2 weeks back got 70 and they gave me list of jobs to do. the thing is the paras is the only job that realy startin to stand out for me . i aint spoke to to army ofice about paras yet but pick up a para booklet there and it dont mention the 1.5 mile run only the other tests like 20 mile march etc .so iv been online and found army times and it says 9 40 for paras so have they got this wrong or not. i also fort that your para training and tests like 1.5 mile run would be in phase 2 of bacics not before your phase 1 so i fort you would be improvin times over basic. any info you got on the paras i would be greatfull training times etc. have you been on the insight weekend.
  4. What i posted about was ADSC litchfield, which is the selection weekend prior to phase 1. The tests include, underarm pullups, deadlift machine, back extention machine, clean machine. Then finally the 1.5 mile run.

    The time of 9.40 that you quoted is if your on the more muscular side and ace all of the strength tests so they give you a little more of an allowance.
    'The normal time if your not super strong is 9.18 which you'll need to get at the selection centre. With adequate training its easily doable, but if they carry on running the test on grass, then you'll have to be able to do around 8.18 at least to stand a chance.
  5. did adsc at lichfield 2 weeks ago and did a PB on grass, so...?
  6. ok thanks, i gaver you was doin your your training on track, or was it road or grass ?. did you do your test with others or buy self? . i do lift weights often and am pritty strong even without weights training am built a little bit to but always try to do cardio as well to keep toned and fit. i usely jog at 7 mph for 30 mins on treadmill prob twice a week . im gona lay back on weights a bit and try run 5 times a week and swim as well as para booklet ses. iv not done a 1.5 mile run yet will get out tomorrow and do it to see where im at and to start workin on my times. iv got a running track just down road from me also a huge grass park so do you recon i should very my 1.5 mile run / 30 min jog from say one day track next time park next road run next tredmill etc so i get use to difrent conditions . goin back down army office at black heath thurs talk about my jobs open to me gona metion paras and see if i can get on that insite weekend in dec. thanks again for your info.
  7. must have changed since I did my selection there (early 06 mind you)
    When I did it the track was 2 laps around the camp (all on tarmac. Shoite condition tarmac, but tarmac nonetheless)
  8. As others have said, get yourself out training in the fields! Slows me down too but there you go!

    Also, if you got some cash on the side might be worth getting a pair of trail running shoes for some extra grip and different sole which is better on grass. I run in a pair of Salomon Speedcross 2's and they're awesome. Really flexible on the feet yet have so much torsional strength to support the foot.
  9. Was doing sit ups before a factor?
    Abdominal muscles play a big part in running. There was some 9 week test of this at the ASPT fairly recently I think. It shows that having strong abbs can shave a good minute off your run time. I imagine, that if you trained to do the PFT from fresh, and then when actually doing your PFT at lichfield, went all out on your sit ups, and then did the aerobic test (run), then the chances are you run time would have been a bit worse.
    I've also never heard of doing a PFT on grass. I thought the route there was around the permiter road 2 and a half times. When I was last there however last summer there was a bit of talk about changing it because some of it was slightly uphill. Didn't seem that bad though in my opinion.