licentiateship in city and guilds = nvq 4

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by newlynpirate, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Hello,what is this qual worth in civ div?
  2. Depends who you are pitching to and whether the qualification is known or used in the particular industry. Civvies can sweat hard to get some qualifications that ex-forces just have to stump up some cash for. Some employers will know this, some won't.

    I personally think that the Chartered Management Institute offers a better range of qualifications that fits a service pedigree and (critically) has several good paths for onward development, such as Chartered Manager accreditation. There is a DIN/DCI out about this (or there was).
  3. When I left I was offered Membership (2 up from Licentiaship) Its seriously worth converting your quals into civi speak. Im an absolute walking example of someone cl;awing their way back to the top trust me!!!

    If you, or anyone, needs advice on sorting their shit out in civvy strasse then PM me trust me if I can do it so can you!!
  4. I have a Licentiateship of the Guild of Designer Craftsmen but what good is it to me?
  5. i have an LCGI nvq4 IN YOUTH LEADERSHIP AND TRG.....Any idea at what level I could move into this industry?
  6. I have a LCGI. I paid £50 for it through the military.

    Erm, I don't think it's worth anything to be honest...
  7. I actually earned mine through hard graft.
  8. So did I. I had to do my Senior Rates Command Course and actually get promoted to SNCO.

    My point being the Open Uni give credit towards courses that are NVQ 4 equivalent and above. Any course they don't tend to give credit for tend to be not very good quals.

    They don't recognise LCGI as a Level 4 qual...
  9. So,anyway....................Back to the question above
  10. I have an LCGI Level 4, and it is quite a good qualification. Next time you are on the net, just type it in - there are a number of sites that relate to it.

    As for the OU not recognising it - it is not on their CATS system but they will accept it as 60 points at level 1 (I know this because I submitted a letter in this respect for a Cpl who was embarking on a degree some years ago - who has since left the army and is pursuing a masters degree). They don't recognise lots of qualifications but that is no guage of how useful they may or may not be.

    But getting back to the question, as it is more vocational than academic (although I recall I had to submit a written project for mine), you will need to show how your qualification can be used to benefit your employer if you want to use it on that basis alone.

    Failing that, just list it on your CV - and be prepared to talk about it when asked.
  11. Sammy,

    Have you got proof that the OU accepted it as 60 points at Level One?
  12. The OU do accept an NVQ Level 4 as a 60 point credit transfer. I can't prove this myself as I have not transferred any credit but a guy I know did transfer and he showed me his academic transcript.
  13. Rum,

    I do know the OU accept a NVQ Level 4 as 60 points. My question was, did Sammy have proof that the OU award any points of credit for the C&G LCGI itself?
  14. Anyone know if OU award credit for the LCGI on its own?