Licentiateship/Graduateship in Intelligence Management

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ironrations, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Evening all.

    I'm currently looking at doing one or the other of the City and Guilds awards that are available to Int Corps SNCOs. I'm after finding out whether they are of any use on the inside or outside, particularly when coupled with a relevant degree. As far as I can see all that is required is a CV that addresses specific boxes that require ticking. Has anyone found it useful, and if you're feeling particularly generous, does anyone have a template that they have used?
  2. I wish you luck. Just bear in mind that a CV is your promotional literature about YOU – it is what will get you (or not get you) an interview. If your CV does impress a potential employer sufficiently for you to be called for interview, what you say on paper then has to be explained. Explaining military quals, ranks, areas of discretion and so on can be a problem to an employer with no military experience – so having an equivalence handle like CGLI cannot do any harm
  3. Alternative View The personal network that you have spent years cultivating may be what really gets you to the interview. If you are going to a company of , say over 40 staff, the supporting qualification/s will be used a final lever with a generally clueless HR department that you should be the one to get the job.

    The exception being in my company where the HR department are right on the ball and are all true masters and mistresses of their craft...............

    Pass my bicycle clips and that old Gannex raincoat that Gladys was going to throw out will you?
  4. I do believe that Gladys had promised the aforementioned outer-garment to me in respect of the delivery of certain documents relating to his social life at such times as our careers may have coinicided.
  5. The original negatives were still in the Registry in Normannen Str. The Germans were un characteristically efficient when I made an FOIA request, and they now sit in a safety deposit box in Geneva.

    However, If you have other interesting collateral we may be able to do some Gannex related business.
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaand they're off again.... :)
  7. No they're not. I am now officially unblackmailable - I have made full disclosure of all those easily misunderstood situations in the 70s, 80s and 90s and, moreover, with the exception of responder1 and perhaps a small number of others, all the major participants have now had the decency to die.

    That said, I do have some interestingly jig-sawed MfS documents tucked away which sub would be well advised to consider purchasing from me.
  8. I still have that barely used Donegal Tweed three piece form JH Pakeman
  9. ...and a bootful of dodgy shirts from the side door of Thomas Pink in Lisburn.

    To be serious for a second, the advice above is sound - academic qualifications are never a bad thing, but my experience to date suggests strongly that development and maintenance of a personal network - and making sure that in interactions with that network, you're helpful and supportive, a giver rather than a taker, if you like - is critical to making a halfway decent living post-Service. Sub's point about HR departments is well made, generally, if you can do an end run around these and talk directly to the grande fromage, you'll be better off. HR departments (with the obvious exceptions of the fine body of determined men and women who form the HR function of sub's and my employers) are generally useless parasites, barely able to read a CV, never mind understand one.
  10. Agreed. However, it's not always possible to sidestep the bastards, in which case a set of nicely ticked boxes is indispensable. Not that the C&G security management line in my CV has ever been noticed or commented on by an employer that i can tell. "Network" is the thing, of course; old boys', business, social, whatever. The Corps' isn't too bad, but you have to work at it.
  11. Is Graduate in Security Management abbreviated to Gism?

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  12. I always thought you lot wore blue Guernsey’s, Barbour’s and sported Pablo’s.
  13. don't even get me started on the Operational Resilience Graduateship (Assurance and Security Management). you wouldn't believe how much i splashed out on that one.
  14. I'm on Future Infrastructures (Unified Project) meetings next week, I think that's what the CO meant when he said we were heading for a right fistup

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  15. Old n Bold time: those of us in the Armagh office of one of our excellent organisations would refer to the Bessbrook office as the Forward Area Research Team, until they started calling us the Armagh Research Section (East). The Dungannon crowd were cryptically referred to as the Dungannon Intelligence and Liaison Divisional Office, while the Portadown office were just a bunch of *****. This was an extension of the acronym game started by the 'Derry office, which awarded the boss the title of FSB - Field Source Boss, to placate his loneliness when the operators (under the FSC - Field Source Controller) started calling themselves FSAs - Field Source Agents. Nobody told him that it really stood for Fumbly Stumbly Bumbly.