License to kill revoked?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IT_Guy, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Two thousand people die yearly in hospital after contracting MRSA.

    Social Services regularly fail to protect children.

    The police seem to be getting away with murder as well.

    But finally in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells it seems that Rose Gibb is being held to account for her failures and could possibly have to explain her actions in a court of law after the deaths of at least ninety people from Clostridium difficile.

    The new laws on corporate manslaughter are surely designed specifically for cases like this.

    Is the public sector finally being held to account for its failures?

    Or do they still have a license to kill?
  2. It is going to take several successful prosecutions to stop this license to kill.

    There is NO excuse for dirty Hospitals.
  3. It all happened when they got rid of the cleaning staff and increased the number of Administrators
  4. It occurs to me that whilst this woman is obviously incompetent and unable to manage, she'll be hung out to dry and made an example of. Allow Heir Broon to show the electorate how seriously he takes the management of our Hospitals.

    One question I have, if these managers weren't so obsessed with the targets and key performance indicators that have been set for them by central Government, would they have been able to better concentrate at providing the key basics of medical care?
  5. Bring back Matron.

    Here's an idea, give all the Administrators mops and buckets and let the cleaners do the admin. Seeing as there are probably far more administrators than cleaners the problem is solved at a stroke
  6. This ties in well with the thread yesterday about 'managers' who dont have industry knowledge but get into posts because they have 'management experience'.
  7. Still, at least we can all rest happy that the 'discipline of the marketplace' has been introduced to the Public Sector. I'm certainly chuffed to bits that financial targets are being hit even if patients are left to shit in their own beds for lack of nursing staff.

    In UK PLC we have to keep our eye on the priorities after all.
  8. I have to say i found the reports on the BBC yesterday to be past shocking and Allen Johnson as SoS interviewed by John Humphreys on the Today program, seems to be another case of shoulder shrugging it's not my fault!

    Without specialist skills and knowledge the basic use of mark one eyeball must dispute any claims by management if they say they didn't realise what was happening, that the nurses were to busy! that the cleaners simply didnt! that basic rules on bed spacing where ignored!

    The simple fact is that they as in much of the middle too uppper management in the public sector, choose not to see or not to notice
  9. If only it had, the private sector are accountable for their actions unlike the public sector.
  10. Once again "smart as" you have nail and head interfaced i just cant believe that the general public have put 2 and 2 together thus far when all they seem to ask for is tax cuts from the two main parties.

    we all know that paying peanuts gets monkeys.

    I for one have no wish to see a return to the seventies and high taxation with the state hemorrhaging money left right and center nor do i find stealth taxes anything other that being legally mugged.

    I expect tax revenue to be spent well but i dont want then to spend £5 tracking down a 1771 claim just save 5 pence or if a nurse spends a few unproductive minutes just talking to a patient 'nursing them'.

    Target setting which in theory should provide good checks and balances though are being manipulated and now only seem now to disadvantage the system
  11. i would dispute that statement somewhat they are accountable to a board or shareholders. much of the private sector is run on peanuts and monkeys and profit above delivery and are no better than the public sector the illusion the the customer is King is in many cases a fiction. :roll:
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The problem goes much deeper than merely shoit (scuse pun) hygiene practices and management.

    The dear old NHS is now run for and by what are effectively private commercial companies in all but name.

    30 years ago, it was all about providing the best health care, free to all. These days it is about the bottom line, private health care, doing deals with pharmaceutical firms, and most doctors that publish papers, are actually doing so on the payroll of these firms.

    Patient care is no longer a priority. Government targets, the switch-over from public to private health care, and money is now the priority.
  13. Personally I would rather they spent those minutes handing out bedpans rather than letting the patients wallow in their own shit.
  14. What is nursing then if it isnt doing just that!
  15. I've seen many threads on this and other sites saying this or that company is rubbish, don't use them.

    You treat your customers like cr@p and it has consequences.