License to Breed!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Achmed, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. I woulds hate to be rumaging around her dirty wash basket: should seriously Ugly/poverty indulgent couples be allowed to breed!!

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  3. He REALLY should have gone to Specsavers.
  4. They should be "means tested" first.
    No money to support their rodent offspring - no licence to breed.
  5. Is it an indicator of the effect that the welfare state has had on the concept of the survival of the fittest?
  6. All three by the looks of it :x
  7. The phrase "Rough as A55holes" springs to mind. What goes through his head first thing in the morning, when he looks over at his dearly beloved ... "Yep, that's the best i can do". Then it's off to Primark for another tasty sweatshirt and baseball cap combo.

    Why are they human and allowed to live?
  8. I believe they have a sale on..............the Kids will have to do without their tea tonight :?
  9. He's the step dad!!!???

    No wonder she ran away!!!! And why are the Police fingerprinting their house AFTER she's been found??? Summat fishy there methinks!!!!

    Did he win first prize in a grab a granny competition???

    They give chavs a bad name!!!!
  10. He looks like a samehead. Where's his protective helmet?

    As for her.. she looks like a fcuking man! And she's ginger!

    Not much going for these two fruits of nature. Should be killed at birth.
  11. (my bold) Its okay .. they're having microchips and 8 Ace.... 8O
  12. By all means, let them breed, just stop subsidising them. We have no manufacturing industry in this country anymore, because we've farmed it all out to third world sweatshops. We need our own sweatshops, staffed by our very own chav Epsilon untermensch. Those two have "production line" written all over them.
  13. They have 'Soylent Green' written all over them, more like!
  14. I doubt either of them is looking at the other thinking "Mmmmmmmm, cream of the crop!" :dead: Saying that, he looks like Andy Pipkin's double, so maybe he did actually say "I waaaan' thaaaaa' one!" 8O

    I reckon his mum kicked him out of the family council house and he wondered where else he could get his Iceland favourites served up to him every night, so he shacked up with her and her spawn. I bet the family tree is fun to trace in that household! :omfg:
  15. She doesn't look too bad from the side